The opioid addiction crisis has not yet hit epidemic levels in the Houston-Harris County region. But the trends are quite alarming: in Harris County alone, deaths associated with opioid overdoses have increased 135% since 2013, with a significant spike since 2016. Approximately 77% of
When substance use disorder is involved, our double board-certified addictionologist/Neurologist steps into the recovery process. Recovering individuals have a high chance of relapsing and our addictionologist is intricately involved in our evaluation program to ensure the best chance of healing the individual’s body mind
Many people are unaware of how diet impacts their lifestyle, dependencies, pain tolerance and mental health. Making healthy food choices is one of the first steps in altering the substance abuse cycle and aiding in pain management. A dietitian can analyze a patient’s current
We’re so grateful to celebrate one full year of service! In 2019, J. Flowers Heath Institute was founded by Dr. James Flowers and Robbin Mooney with the mission of giving individuals with difficult-to-pinpoint issues a clear diagnosis and a solid treatment plan to lead
Written by Vaughn M. Bryant, III, PHD Master your mind or your mind will master you. COVID-19, Acute Stress Disorder, and PTSD The COVID-19 pandemic is a historic event that has exposed a significant number of people to a stressful situation that meets the