The Social Connection: Recognizing The Positive Effects of Self-Care

The Social Connection: Recognizing The Positive Effects of Self-Care

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Robin French’s socializing strategies promote wellness for clients, alumni and staff

HOUSTON, TX. July 2024 

For some people, conversation and social interaction come naturally. Everyday acts such as greeting people, engaging in polite banter, or interacting in a group setting are easy and often enjoyable. 

But for those with mental health and substance abuse disorders, these tasks can be difficult, even painful. People struggling with addiction tend to isolate themselves and avoid contact – making their path to recovery harder. 

The staff and wellness professionals at J. Flowers Health Institute are well aware of the importance of socializing during treatment. They have made social interaction a priority in client care and long-term wellbeing. 

“We teach them how to get back out there, make friends and be social,” said Robin French, vice president of provider and alumni relations at J. Flowers. “It’s important they be part of a community again.” 

Socializing is one of the tenets of self-care which is individual actions and choices that help manage mental and physical health. A healthy diet, physical activity, spending time in nature and outdoors, sleeping well, and social interaction are all parts of self-care that contribute to overall mind/body/spirit wellness. Self-care practices are showcased in July, designated by the World Health Organization as Self-Care Month (Self-Care Day is July 24). 

Ms. French advocates self-care tenets as part of ongoing outreach to J. Flowers alumni. Managing that communication not only underscores the importance of self-care, it’s a reminder that the staff and wellness coaches at J. Flowers are always there for former clients. 

In addition to monthly Zoom chats with alumni (which account for nearly a third of institute referrals), Ms. French organizes outside activities for clients going through treatment at J. Flowers. These socializing events include interactions such as golfing, group (and goat!) yoga, tennis, sound bath experiences, high tea, Pilates and pickleball. The goal is to encourage friendships and foster group support as clients work through addiction, substance abuse and chronic pain issues. 

Vivacious and outgoing, Ms. French was particularly suited to self-care promotion since joining J. Flower more than three years ago.  

“I’m a natural born caretaker, which makes for a great alumni leader,” she said. “If you’re mentally healthy socializing is easy. If you’re struggling, it can be difficult to even get out of bed. That’s why we advocate surrounding yourself with a tribe who can encourage you to take those baby steps.” 

Ms. French said it’s just as important that staff and caretakers be mindful of self-care. You can’t take good care of others without taking good care of yourself first, she said. 

That includes herself. “I can’t pour from an empty pitcher,” she said. 

The practical tools of self-care have clear individual benefits. But as a whole, they have cascading effects on positive community health. And that can start with a bit of socializing — something as simple as “good morning.” 

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