Our Programs

J. Flowers Health Institute provides evaluations and wellness programs for difficult-to-pinpoint issues related to chronic pain, addiction, substance use, mental health, failure to launch, and lifestyle. Our clinical approach to health is comprehensive, proactive, integrative, and focused on resolving the root cause of health issues to optimize your life.

Programs Curated for Your Unique Circumstances

J. Flowers Health Institute is an excellent resource for individuals that align with one or more of the following descriptions:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program

Our concierge evaluation program provides comprehensive evaluations, one-on-one access to your team, and world-class care coordination and support. Here’s a little bit more about what to expect:

Comprehensive Review

First, our multidisciplinary team completes a thorough review of your medical history and designs your individualized evaluation schedule. A team approach is the heart of the program. An experienced group of medical professionals accompanies you on this journey, and they are experts at uncovering what is truly wrong, or right, about your body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle.
Your evaluation team could include:
Additional tests are available, including hormone testing and brain mapping. J. Flowers Health Institute has access to any specialist or diagnostic test imaging that an individual may require.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Review

Once your review is complete, the Diagnostic Evaluation process walks you comfortably, and privately, through an in-depth process of figuring out exactly what is wrong, and what is right, with your body, mind, and spirit.
The goal is to collect sufficient data to compile and support accurate diagnosis and create a workable plan for an improved life, whatever that may entail. Your evaluation team is comprised of experienced, expert medical, health, wellness, and lifestyle professionals.
Your Diagnostic Evaluation could include:
Your program will establish whether any condition – mental, physical, or emotional – exists and requires a treatment plan, and will identify longer-term issues that need to be considered in follow-up care.

Treatment Plan Development

Your multidisciplinary team uses the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation to recommend an individualized treatment plan, incorporating effective medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic strategies appropriate for you.
This comprehensive approach to evaluation ensures that your future health and wellness needs are matched with the appropriate treatment modalities and the appropriate level of care.
J. Flowers Health Institute may recommend Concierge Detoxification, Concierge Wellness and Restoration Programs, Partial Hospitalization, Inpatient Residential, or Intensive Outpatient Programs based on your unique individual needs.

Concierge Detoxification Program

The Concierge Detoxification Program at J. Flowers Health Institute is a fully private and customized medical detox experience. A board-certified addiction specialist will work closely with the client’s personalized treatment team to ensure they receive the best medical and psychological care during their stay. Clients receive 24/7 care from a dedicated medical team.

Often, it is more comfortable for a client to be in a smaller, more private environment during detoxification than a standard inpatient setting with other clients. As the client progresses through the detox phase, their private medical staff will closely monitor medication needs, vital signs, nutritional intake, and sleep patterns.

Our goal is to ensure that the client has completed the detoxification phase and is medically stable before our team of specialists diagnose or recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Concierge Wellness And Restoration Programs

The Concierge Wellness and Restoration Programs at J. Flowers Health Institute are fully customized, intensively structured, holistic courses of treatment based on a client’s unique need to recover. They provide evidence-based solutions from top specialists who work together to treat underlying conditions
from every angle.

Our programs are designed to meet and fulfill all recommendations from our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program findings and diagnoses. Our expert team specializes in treating highly complex clients. Each client receives personal, one-on-one concierge care.

Participation goals may include:

The interdisciplinary treatment team may include but is not limited to, medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, interventional pain specialists, addictionologists, trauma specialists, mental health and addiction therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists, fitness professionals, and wellness providers.

Due to the highly customized nature of the Concierge Wellness and Restoration Programs at J. Flowers Health Institute, program duration and pricing is determined on an individual basis. Please contact us to learn more.

Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults

Our concierge evaluation program provides comprehensive evaluations, one-on-one access to your team, and world-class care coordination and support. Here’s a little bit more about what to expect:

J. Flowers Health Institute partners with therapeutic educational consultants and other behavioral health professionals to deliver clear answers to complex health conditions of young individuals. We have an intimate understanding of the nuanced needs of adolescents and young adults, their families, and their professional caregivers.

Our concierge approach delivers a seamless experience in coordinating the customized care of a multidisciplinary team to identify the root causes of health concerns. We engage
therapeutic companion professionals for added support when needed. Adolescents, young adults, and their support systems can expect the uncompromising thoroughness of our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation catered to their specific needs.

The timeliness of our reports and diagnostic impressions allow the next appropriate level of care to begin promptly with a wide and deep understanding of the health and wellness of the individual.

Programs for Impaired Professionals

Specialized diagnostic evaluation programs include programs designed for Impaired Professionals, such as pilots, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals. These programs usually take 4 to 5 days.

Not all of these clients are experiencing substance use disorder or other health issues. But many employers require periodic evaluations, and some professionals do suffer from addiction and other issues that need to be evaluated.

If an impaired professional exhibits or acknowledges the need for help, an evaluation is the next step. Our highly experienced team, offering differing medical and clinical specialties, will provide a comprehensive evaluation. The IP (Impaired Professional) evaluation is a critical diagnostic tool and helps ensure whether an individual can practice with reasonable skill and safety.

J. Flowers Health Institute IP evaluations can include comprehensive physical, psychological, psychiatric, and neuropsychological evaluations; personality and neurocognitive testing; drug use, abuse, and dependence screening; toxicology testing; special assessments for process addictions; fitness and nutritional assessment; and recommendations on fitness for duty and return to work, along with a detailed report.