Our Diagnostic and Treatment Programs

Learn more about how our diagnostic and treatment programs can provide you with the help you need.

J. Flowers Health Institute provides evaluations and wellness programs for difficult-to-pinpoint issues related to:

  • Chronic pain
  • Addiction
  • Substance use disorder
  • Mental health
  • Complex medical conditions
  • Failure to launch
  • Lifestyle

Our clinical approach to health is comprehensive, proactive, integrative, and focused on resolving the root cause of health issues to optimize your life.

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Our Diagnostic and Treatment Programs

Our diagnostic and treatment programs are focused on a comprehensive and holistic approach. Our team of experts aim to not only tailor a treatment program to your exact needs while you’re at our facility, but to also give you the tools and information you need to succeed after you leave. Our entire approach is built around you and how we can improve your well-being over the long term.

Programs Curated for Your Unique Circumstances

Are you tired of being rushed out of doctor’s offices while still not feeling like appointments led to any solutions? Many who choose our diagnostic and treatment programs at J. Flowers Health Institute feel the same, which is why we become their preferred, premiere solution.
J. Flowers Health Institute is an excellent resource for individuals that align with one or more of the following descriptions:
  • Seeking comprehensive health evaluations for a clear and trustworthy diagnosis
  • Experiencing complex mental health and/or addiction disorders
  • Preference for a one-on-one approach rather than a group setting found in traditional treatment approaches
  • Needing the ability to meet with sought-after specialists at a moment’s notice
  • Preference for a bespoke companion to accompany them to all appointments
  • Lacking progress in current life circumstances and stages
  • Confused about their healthcare
  • Interested in taking a step forward in health without the commitment of inpatient treatment
  • Needing support and motivation with understanding their health condition, and the options for effective treatment and healing

Why Our Diagnostic and Treatment Programs Work Better

When you schedule appointments with our care team, we set aside an appropriate amount of time to:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis
  • Explain our findings
  • Set you up with solutions for success

Many patients who are used to quick, in-and-out doctor’s appointments are surprised when our team will sit down with them for as long as needed to go over their results. It can be a relief for many who feel like the traditional medical system hasn’t helped with their needs in the past.

We are here to help make sure all of your symptoms are addressed with support and comprehensive care.

Our Bespoke Approach

Our bespoke approach to our diagnostic and treatment programs can help ensure everyone who walks through our doors gets the help they need. Everyone has different backgrounds, struggles, and goals they want to achieve.
One-size-fits-all programs simply don’t account for everything about you — the individual. At J. Flowers Health Institute, our world-class team of experts are here to cater to your unique healing process.

Why Choose Our Facility

When you choose inpatient treatment with us, you get access to a luxurious facility that offers everything you need. Our staff will treat you like family and set you up in an environment that feels like home while you:

  • Attend therapy
  • Receive nutritional advice
  • Work on mindfulness practices
  • Receive the personalized treatment you need

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program

Our diagnostic and treatment programs offer a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation with one-on-one access to your team and world-class care coordination and support.
Here’s a little bit more about what to expect:

Comprehensive Review

First, our multidisciplinary team will complete a “Living MRI,” or a thorough review of your medical history. Then, they will design your individualized evaluation schedule. A team approach is the heart of the program.
An experienced group of medical professionals accompanies you on this journey. They are experts at uncovering what’s truly wrong, or right, about your body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle.

Your Evaluation Team

Your evaluation team could include:
  • Physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Trauma therapists
  • Substance use disorder therapists
  • Chronic pain experts
  • Physical therapists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Dieticians
  • Spiritual therapists
  • Brain mapping
  • Other specialists as needed
Additional tests are available, including hormone testing and brain mapping. J. Flowers Health Institute also has access to any specialist or diagnostic test imaging that an individual may require.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Review

Once your review is complete, the Diagnostic Evaluation process walks you comfortably, and privately, through an in-depth process of figuring out how we can help with your needs on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

What Happens During a Diagnostic Evaluation?

Your Diagnostic Evaluation could include:
Your program will establish whether any condition – mental, physical, or emotional – exists and needs a treatment plan. It will identify longer-term issues that need to be considered in follow-up care.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis in Our Diagnostic and Treatment Programs

Every condition is complex and can have several underlying factors.

For example, someone who is experiencing chronic pain may come in for pain treatment. However, with our comprehensive tools, we may find that the pain, instead of being caused by an injury, is actually caused by overwhelming stress or mental health-related concerns.

In other circumstances, patients who have both a mental health and substance use disorder will need holistic treatment for both disorders. There are many factors that must be considered.

Considering Every Angle

When you begin our diagnostic and treatment programs, our team takes every angle into account to provide you with the right solutions for your needs.

After all, treating chronic pain without providing resources for potential associated mental health problems or substance misuse from self-medication only provides a short-term solution.

We want to be the first and last stop on your way to improved well-being and a brighter future. That’s why we try to help you achieve your goals and find the highest level of care.

Treatment Plan Development

Our multidisciplinary team uses the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation to recommend an individualized treatment plan, incorporating effective medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic strategies appropriate for you.
This comprehensive approach to evaluation ensures that your future health and wellness needs are matched with the appropriate treatment modalities and levels of care.

What We Recommend

Treating conditions at every level and from every angle is how we ensure our diagnostic and treatment programs are as successful as possible.

We may recommend:

  • Bespoke stabilization
  • Bespoke wellness and restoration programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Inpatient residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs

Working With You To Find the Right Treatment

Our team will work with you to find the right option for your needs. When we make a recommendation for one of our diagnostic and treatment programs, we take the time to explain how each one works and what treatment will look like.
It helps reduce any nervousness and allows you to go into the program confidently, knowing we have your back each step of the way.
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Bespoke Stabilization Program

The Bespoke Stabilization Program at J. Flowers Health Institute is a fully private and customized medical experience. A board-certified addiction specialist will work closely with your personalized treatment team to ensure you receive the best medical and psychological care during your stay.
In this process, you’ll receive 24/7 care from a dedicated medical team. We always want you to feel like all your needs are met and exceeded during any of our diagnostic and treatment programs. That’s why our team members will go above and beyond to give you the highest level of care.

A Comfortable and Private Environment

Often, it’s more comfortable to be in a smaller, more private environment during stabilization than in a standard inpatient setting with other clients.

As you progress through treatment, medical staff members will closely monitor your:

  • Medication needs
  • Vital signs
  • Nutritional intake
  • Sleep patterns

Getting You Through Withdrawal

Withdrawal from substances can take its toll on anyone. That’s why we aim to provide every measure to make this process as safe and comfortable as possible. We can assure you that all your needs will be met during our diagnostic and treatment programs.
Our goal is to ensure that you complete the stabilization phase and are medically and mentally ready before our team of specialists diagnoses or recommends an appropriate treatment plan.

Bespoke Wellness And Restoration Programs

The Bespoke Wellness and Restoration Programs at J. Flowers Health Institute are fully customized, intensively structured, holistic courses of treatment based on your unique needs.

They provide evidence-based solutions from top specialists who work together to treat underlying conditions from every angle.

Our programs are designed to meet and fulfill all recommendations from our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program findings and diagnoses. Our expert team specializes in treating highly complex conditions.

Participation Goals

Each client that walks through our doors receives personal, one-on-one bespoke care. It’s the basis of success for our diagnostic and treatment programs and why we stand out as the top choice for your treatment needs.

Participation goals may include:

  • Improved mental, emotional, and physical wellness
  • Treatment of mood symptoms, such as depression and anxiety
  • Return to academic education or workforce as a productive member
  • Increased understanding and application of coping skills
  • Increase in valued activities and adaptation of healthy lifestyle
J. Flowers Health Institute provides you with personalized evaluations and wellness programs for your difficult-to-pinpoint issues. Reach out today.

Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults

Our diagnostic and treatment programs for adolescents and young adults provide:
  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • One-on-one support from our team
  • World-class care and coordination
This allows staff members to be there for you whenever they are needed. Here’s a little bit more about what to expect:

Our Partners That Help in Our Diagnostic and Treatment Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults

J. Flowers Health Institute partners with therapeutic and educational consultants and other behavioral health professionals to deliver clear answers to complex health conditions of young people.
We have an intimate understanding of the nuanced needs of:
  • Adolescents
  • Young adults
  • Their families
  • Their professional caregivers

A Coordinated Bespoke Approach

Our bespoke approach delivers a seamless experience in coordinating the customized care of a multidisciplinary team to identify the root causes of health concerns.
We engage therapeutic companion professionals for added support when needed. Adolescents, young adults, and their support systems can expect the uncompromising thoroughness of our diagnostic and treatment programs to cater to their specific needs.

Timely Reports and Program Progression

The timeliness of our reports and diagnostic impressions allows the next appropriate level of care to begin with a wide and deep understanding of the health and wellness of the individual.
Unlike traditional healthcare, where you may have to wait around days for results, we aim to provide you with information and solutions as fast as possible.
Our diagnostic and treatment programs are not only thorough but also provide timely service that puts your mind at ease at every phase of the process.
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Bespoke Continuing Care Program

When you choose our diagnostic and treatment programs, we want to offer you ongoing care that facilitates long-term positive results.
Our customized programming is designed to help clients wherever they are on their journey to optimal health. For this reason, we offer our Bespoke Continuing Care Program to cater to clients who need specific, less intensive care from a collaborative, multidisciplinary team.

When This Plan is Beneficial

A customized and managed plan for continued care may be appropriate for our clients who have completed the:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Bespoke Stabilization
  • Bespoke Wellness and Restoration Programs

The Flexibility to Return Home

Our bespoke approach to this stepped-down level of care allows clients to return home while continuing to receive extraordinary support from our team of experts.
Through virtual one-on-one visits and continued coordinated care with local providers, we ensure your seamless transition to independent living.

Bespoke Alumni Services

At J. Flowers Health Institute, we go the extra mile to connect with you after your return home. Alumni of our programs can expect continued follow-ups in the days, weeks, and months following your time on-site with us. We are invested in your optimal health for the long term.

Get Started Today With Our Diagnostic and Treatment Programs at J. Flowers Health Institute

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health, substance abuse, chronic pain, or other complex medical conditions, our diagnostic and treatment programs at J. Flowers Health Institute can help.
When you choose our diagnostic and treatment programs, you get more than a traditional diagnosis or treatment program. You receive a team of experts that really cares. You don’t have to go through this alone.