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NBCLX Interview May 2023

Addressing the Psychological Impact on Children: Navigating Conversations About Violence and Mental Health

Dr. Melanie Somerville discusses parents’ challenges in discussing violence with children and emphasizes the need for age-appropriate dialogues and improved mental healthcare support.

Modern Luxury April 2023

Premier Doctors: J. Flowers Health Institute

J. Flowers Health Institutes was featured as one of the Premier Doctors in their April 2023 edition.

Click 2 Houston: March 2023

Latest Shooting Sparks More Concern About Mental Health

Dr. Melanie Somerville from the J. Flowers Health Institute said society needs to better support mental healthcare to acknowledge and change patterns.

Modern Luxury: Texas 2023

The Future of Bespoke Healthcare

J. Flowers Health Institute was featured as one of Modern Luxury’s Power Players in their December 2022 Dallas edition.

Modern Luxury: Modern Medicine Brain Health Texas 2023

J. Flowers Health Institute tackles the maze of mental health.

J. Flowers Health Institute was featured as one of Modern Luxury’s Power Players in their December 2022 Dallas edition.

Modern Luxury: Dallas Edition December 2022

Power Players

J. Flowers Health Institute was featured as one of Modern Luxury’s Power Players in their December 2022 Dallas edition.

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Modern Luxury November 2022

Modern Man: Dr. James Flowers

J. Flowers Health Institute’s Dr. James Flowers was featured as one of Modern Luxury’s Modern Men in their November 2022 edition.

Press about Dr. James S. Flowers. Ph.D., LPC-S, CSAT. Founder, President - J.Flowers Health Institution - Call Us Now

Houston Business Journal November 2022

Young People Face Mental Health Crisis. Here’s How You Can Provide Support.

Take a look at our latest article in the Houston Business Journal to learn about the mental health issues teens and young adults are facing today.

J.FlowersHealthInstitute - Counselor

Houston Business Journal November 2022

How Increasing Social Media Use Affects the Brain

Our latest article in the Houston Business Journal discusses the impact of social media and how to break the cycle of social media addiction.

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Modern Luxury September 2022

Dynamic Women: Robbin Mooney

J. Flowers Health Institute’s very own Robbin Mooney was featured as one of Modern Luxury’s Dynamic Women in their September 2022 edition.

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Modern Luxury July 2022

Houston Faces of Medicine

J. Flowers Health Institute is proud to be featured in Modern Luxury’s July 2022 edition. J. Flowers Health Institute was named one of Houston’s Faces of Medicine.

J.Flowers Health Institute

Texas Medical Guide 2022

J. Flowers Health Institute Is Trailblazing Toward a Brighter Future

Modern Luxury Medicine + Doctors // 2022
Press Features - J.Flowers Health Institute

How You Can Boost Your Memory, Focus and Brain Power

ABC13 // April 2022
From addiction & recovery to peak performance, our clinical approach to health is comprehensive, proactive, integrative, and focused on resolving the root cause of health issues to optimize your life. J. Flowers Health Institute is the only assessment where every client undergoes brain mapping to guide diagnosis and treatment!

ABC13 Chauncy Glover's functional IQ jumps 21 points after undergoing brain mapping

Chauncy Glover underwent brain mapping to see how it might help with the challenges he’s dealt with ever since he contracted COVID-19 two years ago. Here’s how it went.

ABC13 // February 2022

Back in September of 2021, ABC13 first reported on a young drug addict who recovered and stayed sober using brain mapping. Doctors said it could help with brain fog and memory loss. ABC13’s Chauncy Glover underwent brain mapping himself to see how it might help him with the challenges he has dealt with ever since he contracted COVID-19 two years ago and how it might help others.

10 Most Promising Rehabilitation Centers to Watch in 2021

J. Flowers Health Institute: Your Bridge Towards a Better, Healthy, and Fulfilling Life
Insights Care // August 2021
We are proud to be the cover story of Insights Care’s August issue. Insights Care covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the healthcare industry while demonstrating thought leadership in both healthcare knowledge and technology landscape throughout the globe.
Borderline Personality Disorder - J.Flowers Health - Bespoke Diagnostics & Treatment

Bespoke Rehab Treatment in Houston, TX

One-on-One with Dr. James Flowers & Robbin Mooney from J. Flowers Health Institute
SKYLOUNGE // Autumn 2021

Read our 20-page feature in SKYLOUNGE, an international luxury publication.

One-on-One with Dr. James Flowers & Robbin Mooney - J.Flowers Health - Bespoke Diagnostics & Treatment

How neuroengineering is helping people fight addiction in Houston

ABC 13 Eyewitness News / / September 21, 2021

Modern Luxury Spotlight: Power Players

Modern Luxury / / June 21, 2021

J. Flowers Health Institute team - Bespoke Diagnostics & Treatment

6 Reasons to Choose Bespoke Health Over the Usual Medical System

J. Flowers Health Institute’s Living MRI Will Address Every Aspect of Your Health

Paper City Magazine / / April 8, 2021

J. Flowers treats adolescents and teens with care - Bespoke Diagnostics & Treatment

Renowned Doctor Creates a Groundbreaking Institute That Treats Clients Differently — J. Flowers Health Institute Takes on the Difficult Issues With Bespoke Care

Doctor James Flowers and Robbin Mooney Believe Every Client Deserves Special Treatment

Paper City Magazine / / November 23, 2020

J. Flowers treats adolescents and teens with care

Podcasts & Videos

Psychotherapist Remembers Naomi Judd and Talks About Treatment Resistant Depression

May 3, 2022

SLS #312 “Successful Living with Bill Knapik” Broadcast 10/31/20 on 1070am Houston
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October 20, 2020
SLS #308 Robbin Mooney
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October 2, 2020
SLS #301 Dr. James Flowers talks Addiction
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August 13, 2020
Take the Guesswork out of Healthcare: The Importance of Diagnostic Evaluations in Pain Recovery
Camelback Recovery – Sober Living
August 4, 2020
REM #335 “Real Estate Matters with Stewart Title” Broadcast 8/2/2020 on am 950 KPRC Houston.
Bill Knapik Radio Shows
July 29, 2020
SLS #298 Dr. James Flowers
Bill Knapik Radio Shows
July 21, 2020

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Official Biography for Dr. James Flowers

For nearly three decades, Dr. James Flowers has been one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, addiction, and pain recovery. With his broad educational background and extensive experience in evaluating and treating mental health, chronic pain, and co-occurring addiction, he is recognized as an expert.

Dr. Flowers has completed several fellowships in behavioral pain management and has completed clinical rotations at the top healthcare institutions in the country.

He developed mental health, pain, and addiction recovery programs for some of the country’s best-known healthcare and addiction treatment centers. He directed medical and clinical programs integrating evaluation, diagnosis, and healthcare planning with treatment to promote successful recovery.

Dr. Flowers co-founded several well-known, exclusive treatment programs throughout the country, dedicated to his passion – that of designing multidisciplinary mental health and addiction treatment with medical and clinical protocols – to help individuals suffering from mental health, addiction, chronic pain, and other underlying disorders, successfully recover. With a demonstrated commitment to creating positive change in the lives of his clients, he is dedicated to progressive healthcare, human healing, and developing healthcare systems that best serve this population.

Dr. Flowers has been executing the protocol for assessments and evaluations for many years. Still, in founding J. Flowers Health Institute, he has advanced the process to satisfy a great void – to provide truly comprehensive assessment and evaluation for those who need a diagnosis and develop post-evaluation treatment recommendations. Having spent over 28 years in the medical and clinical community, Dr. Flowers is uniquely qualified to assemble some of the finest health care professionals in the world to perform these evaluations and provide treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Flowers’ passion and dedication to his clients, as well as his unique approach, has earned him an exceptional reputation as one of the nation’s premier experts. He is a popular public speaker and lecturer to audiences across the United States and abroad and has led an exceptional and distinguished career.

Dr. Flowers’ latest endeavor is hosting his weekly podcast “Understanding the Human Condition.” In each episode of Understanding the Human Condition, Dr. Flowers and his most-admired mentors, respected colleagues, and VIP guests share valuable insight into underlying health causes, conditions, and issues. These in-depth yet approachable episodes are an excellent resource for both private individuals and industry professionals.

“Everything is about you. Everything is about your health.” – Dr. James Flowers

Approved Headshot


Melanie Somerville Ph.D., LPC-S

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Melanie Somerville’s career has been defined by a life-long interest in and love of learning. This guiding force has directed a diverse path brimming with memorable people, experiences, and lessons. She is also guided by the belief in the basic goodness of all human beings.

After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Melanie was the Medical Practice Administrator for the first free-standing interventional pain management clinic in South Texas. In the days when doctor’s offices set aside entire rooms for their patient’s medical records, Melanie led the busy medical practice’s transition to electronic patient records and billing. Meeting patients coming and going from the practice and learning about their lives led her to become interested in chronic pain, especially why some patients responded to traditional pain interventions while others remained trapped and unable to resume everyday life after pain from an accident, work injury, or chronic illness diagnosis.

Melanie returned to school, earned her master’s in Counseling Psychology and began treating the psychophysiological aspect of chronic pain. The psychophysiological aspect of chronic pain is the hidden and often subconscious processes that can keep individuals trapped in pain. Facilitating a person’s insight and awareness and encouraging them to act despite pain is the key to living a full life despite a chronic pain condition.

Melanie’s diversity of experience includes several years of pro bono community counseling and work with at-risk youth, adjunct teaching at Texas A & M International University, and managing her private practice. While pursuing her doctoral degree at St. Mary’s University, she continued community counseling and completed a doctoral internship in hospice care at Christus Health. Her dissertation research delved into the lives of mid-life women and their adjustment to divorce. She completed Gestalt training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and meditation training in the Shambhala tradition at Shambhala Meditation Center of San Antonio, Texas. She is also certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

In 2016, Melanie was hired as the Director of Pain Recovery at Driftwood Recovery. In this capacity, she worked with individuals struggling with substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health diagnoses, and chronic pain. She developed a program of integrative wellness to introduce new healing skills while learning how to live a valued life despite the hardships of pain, addiction, or mental health challenges. While at Driftwood, she had the opportunity to consult with and be mentored by Dr. Ron Siegel, author of several books, including The Mindfulness Solution, a guide to managing chronic pain through mindfulness. The tradition of mindfulness is integral to Melanie’s personal and professional practice.

In January 2021, Melanie accepted a position with J. Flowers Health Institute as the Director of Integrative Wellness. In this role, she provides patients her knowledge and expertise of addiction, mental health challenges, and chronic pain to create a care plan that addresses each person’s distinctive needs. In addition to her dedication to her career, Melanie is interested in science, books, textiles, food, and travel. Her favorite books include East of Eden by John Steinbeck and Way to Love by Anthony de Mello. She is a dedicated Francophile and dearly loves cooking and tasting anything remotely connected to tacos or chocolate.