Spirituality in the eight dimensions of wellness

Spirituality is one of the eight dimensions of wellness. Check out the eight dimensions of wellness at J. Flowers Health Institute. Reach out today.

Spirituality was not Invented by Humankind; it Emerged from Our Essence.  Spirituality has been a fundamental dimension of the human experience since the beginning of human cultural expression.  Even before modern human beings emerged and formed civilizations, the Neanderthal showed evidence of spiritual beliefs and customs. Neanderthal people would bury the dead with tools and … Read more

Stress and resilience to covid 19 part-2

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by Vaughn M. Bryant, III, PhD, LPC-CCS, LMFT-S, LCDC-CCS Mental Health Specialist at J Flowers Health Institute www.jflowershealth.com What was once “out there” feels like it is getting closer to “right here”. Last month, I wrote an article on Stress and Resilience to COVID-19. I appreciate all the feedback I received from people who informed me … Read more