Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

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In each episode of “Understanding The Human Condition”, Dr. Flowers and his most-admired mentors, respected colleagues and VIP guests, share valuable insight into underlying health causes, conditions and issues. These in-depth yet approachable episodes are a great resource for both private individuals and industry professionals.

Our esteemed host, Dr. James Flowers, is one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, mental health, and substance use disorders, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Flowers is the founder of J. Flowers Health Institute located in Houston, Texas.

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Episode 74:

Dr. James Flowers addresses the impact of traumatizing social media posts

Guest Speaker: Dr. James Flowers

Topics of Discussion: Recent live streams and posts of graphic content online have made it possible to become traumatized from browsing on social media. Celebrity psychotherapist, Dr. James Flowers, addresses how we can protect ourselves and our families from this harmful content.

Episode 73:

Your Health First: At the Leading Edge of Liver Transplant Medicine with Dr Joseph Galati

Guest Speaker: Dr Joseph Galati

Topics of Discussion: Dr Joseph Galati is a liver disease expert, speaker, radio host, entrepreneur and author who is devoted to the care of patients with all facets of liver diseases, obesity, fatty liver and related disorders. Since 2003, Dr. Galati has been a familiar voice on Texas radio airwaves, producing and hosting Your Health First every Sunday evening on the program’s flagship station, 740 KTRH in Houston. Today, Dr. Galati joins the show to share what inspired him to specialize on the liver, the incredible leading edge work he is doing in liver transplant medicine, and debunks the stigma behind diseases such as Hepatitis and Cirrhosis.

Episode 72:

Transforming Society, One Woman, Child and Family at a Time with Brenda Valiente

Guest Speaker: Brenda Valiente

Topics of Discussion:  Brenda Valiente is a nonprofit leader dedicated to the advancement of all people and transforming society into a place without poverty and homelessness. With her leadership and passion for serving the women and children of Miriam’s House, Brenda has helped expand the base of support for the organization and helped provide a safe, sober home for more than 350 families. Today, Brenda joins the show to share the origin story of Miriam’s House as well as some of the amazing success stories she’s had the privilege of witnessing during her time there. Brenda speaks to her own experience becoming a mother, upcoming charity events and how others can help support Miriam’s House.

Episode 71:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Trust, Understanding & Relationships in Psychiatry

Guest Speaker: Dr. Harvey Rosenstock , Daniel Shepley

Topics of Discussion: Dr. Harvey Rosenstock has practiced psychiatry for more than sixty years. He also became an ordained rabbi at the tender age of 73. Daniel Shepley is currently a contract specialist for the United States Navy, has two degrees from Penn State, and is the author of The Other Side of Sanity.

Today, they both join Dr. Flowers to share the incredible story of how they entered each other’s lives, what inspired Dr. Harvey to pursue psychiatry and why comprehensive diagnostic evaluations are key to healing.

Episode 70:

Passion, Inspiration & Strengthening Mother-Daughter Relationships

Guest Speaker: Lacey Tezino

Topics of Discussion: Lacey Tezino is an experienced technology leader with a passion for promoting healthier mother-daughter relationships. Lacey believes that technology can be used in beautiful ways to enhance our lives and make mental health care more accessible and convenient. She has worked as the Director of IT and Clinical Applications Manager for the Menninger Clinic, one of the top 10 psychiatric hospitals in the country.

Today, Lacey joins the show to speak to the work she is currently doing pouring every creative ounce into the success of Passport Journeys, a company focused on the mother-daughter relationship through teletherapy, live events and more.

Episode 69:

Concierge Healthcare & Building a Familial Culture

Guest Speaker: Robbin Mooney, Michael Beard, Dr. Melanie Somerville, and Shay Butts

Topics of Discussion: In this episode, Dr. James Flowers welcomes to the show his fellow founder and Leadership Team at JFlowers Health Institute. Robbin Mooney, Michael Beard, Dr. Melanie Somerville, and Shay Butts join the show to share the work they each do to make JFlowers one of the most reputable names in mental health and addiction treatment.

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