Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

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In each episode of “Understanding The Human Condition”, Dr. Flowers and his most-admired mentors, respected colleagues and VIP guests, share valuable insight into underlying health causes, conditions and issues. These in-depth yet approachable episodes are a great resource for both private individuals and industry professionals.

Our esteemed host, Dr. James Flowers, is one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, mental health, and substance use disorders, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Flowers is the founder of J. Flowers Health Institute located in Houston, Texas.

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Episode 14:

How Technology Will Radically Transform Mental Health

VIP Guests: Dr. Andrew Krieger, CEO at Contemporary Medicine Associates, Private Practice Psychotherapist (DSW, LCSW, LCDC)

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, Robin and Dr. Andrew Krieger discuss how Dr. Krieger has devoted his entire professional life to improving access and treatment for people with substance use disorders. In addition, they discuss Dr. Krieger’s unique personal and professional journey as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic forced an overnight adoption of telemedicine by virtually all mental health providers.

Episode 13:

Normalizing Addiction Treatment

VIP Guests: David Walsh, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC
David is a board-certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in the treatment of substance use disorders. David is a published author, speaker, and educator. In addition to founding Dripping Springs Healthcare, David is the COO of CARMAhealth, an addiction healthcare company in Austin, TX.

Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-host Robin French and David Walsh discuss how recovery is personal, relapse is not failure, addiction is a disease, and there is no “right” way to stay in recovery other than not using.

Episode 12:

Sydney Holland: My life, My Journey

VIP Guests: Sydney Holland, Founder & Partner of “The Urban + The Mystic”, Founder of the “Sydney D. Holland Foundation”

Discussion: Sydney talks about living her best life as Mother of three beautiful children, running a very successful company, having a blast flipping houses, along with sharing her passion of philanthropy.

Episode 11:

Impact of Recent Ruling by Texas State Board of Social Workers

VIP Guests: Laurie Reid: LMFT, MCAP, Breaking the Cycle Consulting for BH Compliance Risk Mgmt. Accreditation; Navy Disabled Veteran-Desert Storm Shield/Tour in the Persian Gulf

Courtney Thomas: MSW, Director Service and Leadership at University of Alabama & Adjunct Faculty in the school of social work

Maggie Chapman: MSW, Chronic Pain Clinician at Kemah Palms Recovery

Discussion: On October 12, 2020, the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners and the Behavioral Health Executive Council voted unanimously to change a section of the Code of Conduct that establishes when a social worker may refuse to serve someone. The code no longer prohibits social workers from turning away clients based on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Gov. Abbott’s office proposed this change last minute just three days before the Board’s vote and on the eve of an important election. This panel of professionals discusses how the recent ruling by Texas State Board of Social Workers on 10.12.2020 impacts them both personally and professionally.

Episode 10:

Family, Food and Gratitude

VIP Guests: Johnny Carrabba

Discussion: Celebrity Restauranteur Johnny has a heartfelt, candid discussion with Dr. Flowers and Robin regarding his life journey, his love for food and family, the trials and tribulations of success, his beautiful (and well written) new cookbook entitled “Gratitude” and how passionate he feels about his employees. Johnny’s wit, humor, and charm are a definite “like, comment and share” for this week’s episode of “Understanding the Human Condition”.

Episode 9:

Creating New Ideas for Helping Clients & Their Families

VIP Guests: Robbin Mooney, Co-Founder and CDO of J. Flowers Health Institute & Angela Carrillo, Founder, Owner, and COO of Brass Tacks Recovery, Certified Interventionist, Family and Individual Coach

Discussion: Robbin and Angela discuss how they create space for new ideas in helping clients and families with their healthcare needs. Exploring the idea that there is a place for all approaches, Robbin and Angela share details on why they do what they do for a living and how they ensure open-minded and transparent communication through their own personal and professional growth work.

Episode 8:

A Heart to Heart with the Vintage Contessa

Guest Speaker: Donae Cangelosi Chramosta, Co-Owner of Vintage Contessa & Times Past, published writer, award winning business-woman, style setter, podcast co-host, Philanthropist, as well as loving wife & mother.

Discussion: The Vintage Contessa discusses how she scours the globe for luxury, preowned and one of a kind pieces that make women look and feel smart and socially conscience as if they personally traveled to find the most unique, one of a kind pieces. The Contessa also gives a glimpse inside her personal life and how she makes her work/life balance so successful.

Episode 7:

Change is in the Air

Guest Speaker: Candy Finnigan, Nationally recognized Professional Interventionist, Certified Master Addiction Counselor III and featured interventionist on A & E’s groundbreaking reality series, Intervention. Candy is a nationally recognized author, “When Enough is Enough: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Intervention”, which is a guide used by so many to conduct successful family interventions.

Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-host Robin French and Candy Finnigan discuss addiction, interventions and how the recovery industry has evolved over time.

Episode 6:

Our Youth Taken Hostage

Guest Speaker: Heather Hayes, M.ED., LPC, CIP, CAI

Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-host Robin French and VIP Guest Heather Hayes discuss addiction as being the biggest terrorist we face. Listen as they discuss how as a nation we are at a crisis state and if not addressed we could potentially lose an entire generation to addiction.

Episode 5:

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Fortes, Board Certified Physician from the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, Dr. Fortes, and Robin discuss plastic surgery, qualifying as a good candidate for plastic surgery, plastic surgery in the transgender community, and the benefits of therapy before and after surgery. They also discuss body dysmorphic disorder, how to approach the subject of body dysmorphia with a loved one, and what effective treatment looks like.

Episode 4:

Courage, Creativity, Communication & Celebration

Guest Speaker: Dr. Louise Stanger, LCSW, CSAT-1, CDWF, CIP

Discussion: Dr. Flowers and Dr. Stanger discuss her upcoming book and her passion for helping families cope with addiction.

Episode 3:

Effective Treatment for the LGBTQ Community

Guest Speaker: Manny Rodriguez, Founder of La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, co-host Robin French, and Manny Rodriguez discuss the need for – and benefits of – treatment specifically catered to the LGBTQ community. 

Listen as they cover how La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center specializes in intensive treatment for the LGBTQ community, the impact of methamphetamine on gay culture, and how to find the high-quality treatment that takes care of your individual needs.

Episode 2:

All About Addiction

Guest Speaker: Dr. Vaughn M. Bryant III, Ph.D, LMFT-S, LPC-S, LCDC-CCS

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, co-host Robin French, and Dr. Bryant discuss the stigma of addiction, the spectrum of disordered substance use, spotting the signs, and how to receive the most effective treatment.

Episode 1:

Understanding the Human Condition Pilot

Guest Speaker: Dr. James Flowers

Discussion: In our pilot episode, Dr. Flowers shines light on his personal journey that led him to founding J. Flowers Health Institute. Co-hosted by Robin French, our VP of Concierge Relations, this first episode gives listeners an authentic look at the man raising the standard for whole-person wellness.