Dr. James S. Flowers Ph.D., LPC-S, CSAT Founder, President - J.Flowers Health

Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

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In each episode of “Understanding The Human Condition,” Dr. Flowers and his most-admired mentors, respected colleagues, and VIP guests share valuable insight into underlying health causes, conditions, and issues. These in-depth yet approachable episodes are a great resource for both private individuals and industry professionals.

Our esteemed host, Dr. James Flowers, is one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, mental health, and substance use disorders, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Flowers is the founder of J. Flowers Health Institute located in Houston, Texas.

J. Flowers Health Institute provides a space in which executives, professionals, and others feel comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle. Contact us to learn more.
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Episode 92:

Dr. James Flowers: What Are Visible Signs That Indicate Someone May Be Experiencing Substance Use Disorder?

Guest Speaker: Grief and Rebirth Podcast with Irene Weinberg & Dr. James Flowers

Substance use disorder affects millions and can disrupt every aspect of life. Join Irene’s conversation with Dr. James Flowers, one of the most recognized and highly respected names in the field of chronic pain, pain recovery, mental health, and addiction, as he shares his insights into progressive healthcare and mental health treatment, offers a compelling discussion on addiction, pain management, and cognitive behavioral therapy, reveals the visible signs that indicate someone may be experiencing substance use disorder, discusses the quest for joy in life, and more! This is a highly interesting, insightful interview with a truly remarkable man!

Episode 91:

I’m Fine

I’m excited to share my recent appearance on the podcast “I’m Fine,” hosted by the talented Jean Campbell. Jean, a renowned British fashion model, has graced the covers of numerous high-profile magazines and walked the runway for top fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen. Despite her illustrious modelling career, Jean has faced significant personal challenges, including chronic pain from hip dysplasia. Her experience with chronic pain has shaped her resilience and inspired her to create a platform for discussing mental health and wellbeing through her podcast.During our conversation, I had the opportunity to share my personal story, connection, and passion for developing pain recovery programs. With over 30 years in the medical and clinical community, I’ve dedicated my career to providing comprehensive assessments and evaluations for those in need of a clear diagnosis. My journey has allowed me to collaborate with some of the best healthcare professionals in the world, as we’ve all strived to fill a crucial void in the healthcare system; to develop tailored, personalised, whole health treatment plans that really centre the individual in their care. On the podcast, Jean and I explored the intricacies of chronic pain management and how symptoms can be somatised within the mind and body. I shared my personal story and experiences with pain, discussing how they have fuelled my commitment to helping others navigate similar challenges. We delved into the importance of empathy, understanding, and holistic approaches in treatment, aiming to provide listeners with insights into effective strategies for managing pain. It was a heartfelt and enriching discussion that I hope will resonate with many and shed light on the impactful work being done to support those in recovery. Link to the podcast recording below:

Episode 89:

Mindful Meditation with Dr. Melanie Somerville

Guest Speaker: Dr. Melanie Somerville at J. Flowers Health Institute

Dive into Week 2 of our Mindful Monday series with Dr. Melanie Somerville, Chief Clinical Officer at J. Flowers Health Institute! Discover the transformative benefits of guided meditation as Dr. Somerville guides you through a peaceful session. Elevate your daily routine with mindfulness.

Episode 88:

Mindful Mondays: Dr. Melanie Somerville at J. Flowers Health Institute

Guest Speaker: Dr. Melanie Somerville at J. Flowers Health Institute

Dr. Melanie Somerville gives expert insight into the power of Mindfulness.

Tune in every Monday to learn more.

Episode 87:

John Karren – Wilderness Therapy – Why Does it Work?

Guest Speaker: John Karren,owner and co-founder of Elements Wilderness Program

John Karren is the owner and co-founder of Elements Wilderness Program in Utah. John helps run two therapeutic wilderness programs: Elements is for boys thirteen to seventeen, and Traverse is all gender, young adults eighteen to twenty five.

Today, John joins the show to discuss ‘non-traditional’ therapies and how the outdoors can be such a great benefit to everyone.

Episode 86:

Part Three – When Enough is Enough

Guest Speaker: Tonda Chapman, Candy Finnigan, & Jeanie Griffin

In Part Three of this very special series, Dr. Jason Flowers welcomes back to the show Tonda Chapman, Candy Finnigan, & Jeanie Griffin.

Today, Tonda, Candy & Jeanie talk about their experiences with interventions, reflect on servant leadership and share their passion for helping others.

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