Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

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In each episode of “Understanding The Human Condition”, Dr. Flowers and his most-admired mentors, respected colleagues and VIP guests, share valuable insight into underlying health causes, conditions and issues. These in-depth yet approachable episodes are a great resource for both private individuals and industry professionals.

Our esteemed host, Dr. James Flowers, is one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, mental health, and substance use disorders, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Flowers is the founder of J. Flowers Health Institute located in Houston, Texas.

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Episode 66:

Invitational Change Is Possible

VIP Guest: Dr. Louise Stanger

Topics of Discussion: Clinician, best-selling author, keynote speaker and interventionist, Dr. Louise Stanger joins today’s show to share the work she’s doing to help others through strength-based solutions and invitational change. Dr. Louise takes the audience through a typical intervention at her clinic, All About Interventions, and speaks to her mission to effect systemic change in the world of mental health. Dr. Louise opens up about dealing with the complexities of family dynamics and relationships and the approaches she utilizes to help them heal.

Episode 65:

How Comedians use Trauma to Tell Stories

VIP Guests: Marlon Wayans

Topics of Discussion: Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans discuss his recent shift to more dramatic roles in television and film, including Respect and Bel-Air . Marlon opens up about past trauma and how he has channeled that trauma into his comedy. Marlon also talks about mental health, the value he gets from therapy, and why acceptance is the ultimate expression of love.

Episode 64:

The Best Gifts Come In Poorly Wrapped Packages

VIP Guest: Trevor Shevin
Topics of Discussion: Trevor Shevin gets vulnerable and opens up about his personal journey to recovery while speaking to the work he’s doing to help others as a certified interventionist professional.
Trevor is the Principal and Founder of Sterling Recovery Services, a highly specialized team whose clients suffer from a wide variety of serious conditions, including alcoholism, drug addiction, eating and mental health disorders, among others.
Today, Dr. Flowers and Trevor discuss The Dogaholix, The United Intervention Services and what it means to build authentic relationships.

Episode 63:

The Business of Serving People Through Hospitality & Wellness

VIP Guests: John Durie

Topics of Discussion: John Durie is the President and CEO of Redstone Group, a Houston-based investment firm that owns and manages The Houstonian Hotel, Club, & Spa. Prior to joining Redstone five years ago, John served in various executive financial roles within the banking industry. Today, Dr. Flowers and John discuss the business of serving people through hospitality and wellness – both very different businesses but both at the heart of serving people. John updates us on the renovation of the Hotel, Club and Spa in 2022. Finally, John tells the audience about the mission, vision and values of his company and where they can go to learn more.

Episode 62:

Becoming a Compassionate Human Being in a Graceless Age

VIP Guest: Harold Owens & Jimmy Mooney
Topics of Discussion: Harold Owens and Jimmy Mooney met each other over twenty years ago through their individual journeys to recovery and hit it off from the very beginning. In fact, Harold even credits Jimmy with saving his life. Today, Harold and Jimmy reflect on their struggles with addiction and what led them both to work specifically in the addiction treatment field. They expound on the amazing gifts that they received and continue to receive from this journey to recovery and open up about the magic that lies within their friendship. Finally, Harold and Jimmy provide advice to those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of addiction treatment and encourage them to be continual learners in their pursuit of this goal.

Episode 61:

Healing Addiction Through A Holistic & Passionate Approach

VIP Guests: Neely & Doug Lyons
Topics of Discussion: Doug Lyons is the co-founder of Clere Consulting, an organization that works with families of means and prominence and a confluence of wealth, addiction and mental health concerns. Prior to founding Clere, Doug spent the last fifteen years with the Hazelden Foundation, finishing his career as the Director of Clinical Services. In an earlier role, he served as the Evaluation Directo, conducting and supervising over twenty-four hundred evaluations for physicians, lawyers and other high-profile figures. He is a highly sought after lecturer and speaker.
Neely Lyons’ work includes serving as an Executive at the highest levels in all three branches of State government, including when she made history at the age of twenty-five to become the youngest ever elected Mississippi State Senator. Her Senate policy initiatives focused on the convergence of public health and public safety issues, such as drug control, mental health, addiction, domestic violence, and child protection services policies. While achieving professional success, Neely’s family was touched by addiction and mental health issues as well. Her unique 360 degree perspective, political life, professional engagement, and personal experiences complements the collective depth of Clere Consulting’s team, which she joined Clere in 2018.
Today, Neely and Doug speak to how the world of addiction has impacted them and the inspirational work they are doing at Clere Consulting. Neely touches on how she collaborates with families and the specific processes utilized to ensure their loved ones get better. Doug expounds on his belief that systemic recovery comes from a multi-pronged approach that includes healing the mind, body and spirit. Finally, Neely and Doug reflect on the highlights and low points of their careers and speak to why passion is a critical component of their success.

Episode 60:

Addiction, Loss and Easing Suffering

VIP Guest: John West
Topics of Discussion: With a career spanning over ten years, John West has earned a name for himself as an international alcohol and drug Interventionist, Sober Companion and Crisis Manager, specializing in high-profile clients like celebrities, politicians, musicians, scientists, artists and executives. Today, John opens up to his dear friend Dr. Flowers about the loss of his father, his battle with drugs and alcohol, and how his personal recovery led him to find his true calling as a Sober Companion and Interventionist in the film and recovery industry, where he can help those who feel unable to share their pain because of their public image. John speaks to the criteria he looks for in a good Sober Companion and the work he and Judy Crane are doing at The Guest House.

Episode 59:

Making Music, Finding Peace & Joy Through Sobriety

VIP Guests: Philip Lawrence

Topics of Discussion: Philip Lawrence is a songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur best known for his work with the songwriting and production team, The Smeezingtons, alongside Bruno Mars.

Philip has won an impressive eight Grammy Awards for his work in the music industry. At the height of his success, and dealing with the challenges of superstardom as well as life on the road, Philip began an inward journey that began with his sobriety just over four years ago.

His life looks very different than it did before, and what he has gained throughout this journey is newfound humility as well as a new design for living. Today, Philip opens up about his struggles with addiction and the moment he realized he needed to go into recovery.

Philip speaks to his experience going through all of this as an African American and provides advice for others going through a similar situation. Finally, Philip reflects on how his vision of success has dramatically changed and why he believes his most creative years are yet to come.

Episode 58:

We are Light, We Are Power, We Are Love

VIP Guest: MacKenzie Phillips

Topics of Discussion: Mackenzie Phillips is an actor and artist most known for her roles in the 1973 movie American Graffiti, the 1975 sitcom One Day at a Time, and, most recently, her role as Barb on the hit Netflix drama, Orange is the New Black.

Today, Mackenzie takes Dr. Flowers and Robin through her experience with chronic pain, addiction and her journey to long-term recovery. Mackenzie opens up with incredible vulnerability about her relationship with her father and the trauma and abuse that she suffered.

She talks about forgiveness, self-care and the amazing work she’s doing at Breathe Life Healing Centers. Mackenzie shares her deep love for animals and her own understanding of the human condition.

Episode 57:

Interview with Leigh Steinberg

VIP Guests: Leigh Steinberg, Author, President/CEO of Steinberg Sports and Entertainment

Topics of Discussion: In this episode, Dr. Flowers welcomes to the show American sports agent and the inspiration for the titular character, Jerry Maguire, Leigh Steinberg. Leigh has represented over 150 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and Olympic sports. He has represented the No. 1 pick overall in the NFL draft a record eight times, a milestone unmatched within the sports industry. His client list has included Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart, Ricky Williams, Howie Long, Dusty Baker, Oscar de la Hoya, and John Starks, to name just a few.

Today, Leigh takes Dr. Flowers and Robin through his illustrious career, touching on some of the peaks and valleys as well as what has kept him motivated throughout the years. They discuss the art of active listening, the concept of winning with integrity and the importance of having a plan and sticking to it consistently. Leigh opens up about his own struggles with addiction as well as the work he’s done to help other athletes suffering from addictions of their own. Finally, Leigh speaks to a crisis of conscience he experienced mid-way through his career and what he did to ensure his work aligned with his values.

Episode 56:

I Want To Sleep But My Brain Won’t Stop Talking To Itself

VIP Guest: Dr. Mary Rose, Rose Family Health Psychology

Topics of Discussion: In today’s episode Dr. Flowers and Robin chat with Dr. Rose about her passion working with those suffering from behavioral sleep disorders.  Dr. Rose discusses the different sleep disorders, her specialization in CBT for insomnia, working with your prescribing physician to titrate off sleep aids, and how just because a medication is “over the counter” doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Episode 55:

Changing Lives Through Fitness and Nutrition

VIP Guests: David Banks, Two-Time Olympic Rowing Champion, and Theresa Strong, Executive Director of Bel Inizio

Topics of Discussion: In today’s episode Dr. Flowers, Robin, David and Theresa discuss the power of being part of something-anything that challenges you to do (and be) better.  David shares his passion for rowing while working on improving diversity in the sport of rowing and other areas.  Theresa shares her success with Bel Inizio-the who, what and why of this important nonprofit organization.

Episode 54:

Will Cosmetic Surgery Make You A Happier Person?

VIP Guest: Dr. Paul F. Fortes – Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Topics of Discussion: In today’s episode Dr. Flowers, Robin and Dr. Fortes discuss the lasting effects (mentally and physically) of cosmetic surgery.  As a bonus, Dr. Flowers receives botox injections on air!  Don’t miss this very fun and informative episode of Understanding the Human Condition.

Episode 53:

Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health

VIP Guest: Larry Thraen
Topics of Discussion: It can be challenging to imagine how stretching and breathing can help you defeat your addiction. In this week’s episode of “Understanding the Human Condition,” Mind, Body, and Soul expert Larry Thraen explains why yoga is an excellent coping tool that can provide multiple benefits during your recovery.

Episode 52:

Part 2 of 2: Lions, Tigers, and Carole Baskin, Oh My!

VIP Guests: Carole Baskin

Topics of Discussion: Join us for Part Two of our series with “Big Cat Rescue” and “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin as she talks about her life after sudden fame!

Episode 51:

Part 1 of 2: Lions, Tigers, and Carole Baskin, Oh My!

VIP Guest: Carole Baskin

Topics of Discussion: Tiger King star Carole Baskin joins Dr. James Flowers and Robin French on this week’s episode of Understanding the Human Condition.

Watch as Dr. Flowers goes in-depth with the Baskin and learns about her overnight fame, how she copes with accusations, and the trauma of it all!

Here’s part one of our series with the “Big Cat Lady”

Episode 50:

What Your Death from Drugs Leaves Behind

VIP Guests: Florencia Lozano, Charlene Giannetti, Sarah T. Schwab
Topics of Discussion: Today, we’re talking about the opioid crisis and speaking with the creators and lead actress of an independent film called “Life After You.” Inspired by a true story, the film shows a suburban family’s struggle with the death of their 19-year-old son following an overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl.

Episode 49:

Healing from a Dysfunctional Family

VIP Guest: Vaughn M. Bryant, III, PhD, LMFT-S, LPC-S, LCDC-CCS
Topics of Discussion: Just like an imbalance in the laws of nature can cause a catastrophic natural disaster, an imbalance in the family process rules can cause damaging dysfunction in your psyche. Join Dr. James Flowers, Robin French, and our renowned family therapist, Dr. Vaughn Bryant, to discover how to recover from family dysfunction.

Episode 48:

Why Attachment is a Key Factor in your Mental Health

VIP Guest: Arti Patel

Topics of Discussion: How does attachment affect your mental health? Join celebrity pain and mental health expert Dr. James Flowers, his co-Host Robin French, and VIP guest Arti Patel as they discuss what attachment disorder looks like.

Episode 47:

Increasing the Odds for Long Term Clinical Stability

VIP Guest: Arden O’Connor

Topics of Discussion: What happens after you or your loved one receives care? After-care is the missing link for treatment. Join celebrity pain and mental health expert Dr. James Flowers, his Co-Host Robin French, and VIP guest Arden O’Connor as they discuss support for you or your loved one post-treatment.

Episode 46:

Making Sense of Suffering: Resilience and the Ripple Effects of Trauma

VIP Guest: Dr. Cesar Seveso

Topics of Discussion: What is the meaning of suffering? Drawing on decades of research and industry experience, celebrity pain and mental health expert Dr. James Flowers, his lovely Co-Host Robin French, and trauma therapist Dr. Cesar Seveso discuss the ripple effects of trauma.

Episode 45:

Surprising Benefits of IV Drip Therapy

VIP Guest: James Johnson
Topics of Discussion: What are the benefits of IV Hydration Therapy Treatment? Celebrity mental health expert and host Dr. Flowers, his lovely Co-Host Robin French, and the co-founder of Bounce Hydration share how drip therapy can improve your health and wellness, and you don’t need to go to a hospital for treatment. Tune in as we talk to James Johnson!

Episode 44:

The Impact of Music on Mental Health

VIP Guest: Debbie Carroll

Topics of Discussion: Music touches our lives in many ways. We grieve with music, celebrate with music, and heal through music. But when the pandemic put a halt on live music performances, find out how a program called Musicares, the non-profit arm of the Recording Academy, stepped in to help.

In this episode we speak with one of the most influential women in music, Debbie Carroll, the VP of Health and Human Services for Musicares. 

Tune in and learn the psychological benefits of music for various mental health conditions!  

Episode 43:

How Horses Help Overcome Mental Health Issues

VIP Guest: Melanie Flint

Topics of Discussion: The benefits of equine therapy for people struggling with addictions and mental illness. Learn several life skills that a horse can teach better than a human through equine therapy with celebrity pain & mental health therapist Dr. James Flowers, co-host Robin French, and VIP guest host Melanie Flint.

Episode 42:

How to Parent a Child with a Mental Illness and Prevent Parent Burnout  

VIP Guest: Dr. Brad Reedy
Topics of Discussion: Parenting is difficult no matter what, but having a child with a mental illness can be even more challenging. Celebrity mental health expert Dr. Flowers and expert parent educator Dr. Brad Reedy offer guidance for parenting children with mental illness and addiction, what mistakes a parent makes, what to look for in a therapist, and discuss the thoughts, shame, and guilt parents face.

Episode 41:

How to Practice Mindful Meditation with Dr. Melanie Somerville

VIP Guest: Dr. Melanie Somerville

Topics of Discussion: Meditation practice makes you more resilient! It also helps reduce anxiety, worry, and stress, while enhancing your self-esteem. Join us for a unique mix of calm and inspiration as Dr. Melanie Somerville guides a 15-minute mindfulness meditation on acceptance and removing negative thoughts.

Episode 40:

Trauma and How it Manifests in the Body

VIP Guest: Dr. Melanie Somerville

Topics of Discussion: If you or someone you know is dealing with PTSD, pain, or trauma, this podcast is one you don’t want to miss! Celebrity mental health expert and host, Dr. James Flowers, his lovely co-host Robin French, and our dynamic Integrative Wellness director Dr. Melanie Somerville discuss trauma and how it manifests in the body. We’ll also be diving into Lady Gaga’s heartbreaking revelation of being raped and impregnated at 19 that led to a “total psychotic break.”

Episode 39:

Rehumanizing Psychiatric Care: The Profound Power of Pathologization

VIP Guest: Dr. Ross Ellenhorn, PhD
Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Dr. Ross Ellenhorn discuss Dr. Ellenhorn’s work helping people recover from the trauma’s caused by psychiatric treatment, and the applicaton of psychiatric diagnoses. Dr. Ellenhorn shares details regarding his new passion/project…a new Psychedelic-based center.

Episode 38:

Modern Healthcare Delivery, Deliverance or Debacle

VIP Guest: Michael J. Zema, MD – Author of Modern Healthcare Delivery, Deliverance or Debacle (A Glimpse From the Inside Out)

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest, Michael Zema, MD discuss Dr. Zema’s mission to deliver a much needed message about healthcare due to the lack of knowledge and degree of misinformation. He discusses his passion in writing the book to provide his readers a much broader perspective of the overall healthcare delivery system.

Episode 37:

You Are More Than Your Diagnosis: The Long Term Solution

VIP Guest: Clay Ardoin, Owner, Sculpt U Physical Therapy
Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Clay Ardoin discuss how he empowers his Clients with acute and chronic pain to live a life where they are not afraid to move or do the things they love to do.

Episode 36:

Passionate About Serving Others

VIP Guest: Tina Milanesi, Corporate Sales Manager, Houstonian Resort & Spa

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Tina Milanesi from the Houstonian Resort and Spa discuss the incredible partnership between the J. Flowers Health Institute and the Houstonian Resort. Tina shares details of the amazing culture of the Houstonian and how the positivity in the workplace at the Houstonian is so contagious!

Episode 35:

Personalized Patient Care with Anu Davis, MD

VIP Guest: Dr. Anu Davis, River Oaks Doctor’s Group

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Dr. Anu Davis from the River Oaks Doctor’s Group in Houston discuss thyroid disease, chronic illness, and personalized patient care.

Episode 34:

Collaboration with Healthcare Providers to End the HIV Epidemic

VIP Guest: John Huckaby, Chief Executive Officer of AIDS Foundation Houston

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest, John Huckaby, discuss how HIV prevention and care has changed since John first joined the AIDS Foundation of Houston as well as the national plan to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

Episode 33:

Eating Disorders: Strategies for Best Outcomes

VIP Guest: Kristin Agar, LCSW, CEDS, IAEDP-F, CIP
Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest, Kristin Agar discuss Kristin’s expertise/practice specialties which include: illness, grief, loss, alcohol, drug and eating disorders with her offering of individual, group and family psychotherapy. Kristin discusses how she tailors each of her interventions to the needs of each family. Kristin shares how she is often assisted during interventions and therapy sessions by her buddy and co-therapist, Jet, an English Setter who provides a calm and supportive presence to those with whom she works..

Episode 32:

Purpose, Passion and Making A Difference

VIP Guest: Ruth Ann Rigby, CRS – Chief Development Officer at BRC Healthcare, Austin, TX
Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest, Ruth Ann Rigby discuss finding your purpose and passion as well as Ruth Ann’s upcoming projects. Ruth Ann shares her personal journey with recovery and how she has chosen to make it her life mission to give back.

Episode 31:

The Paradox of Co-Dependency and Mental Health

VIP Guest: Adam Swanson, LMFT – Lido Wellness Center
Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest, Adam Swanson, discuss co-dependency in mental health and families, setting strong boundaries with family for helping navigate to end the repeated patterns, the process of healing from trauma and what barriers often get in the way.

Episode 30:

Addiction In The Family – Helping Families Navigate Challenges, Emotions, and Recovery

VIP Guest: Dr. Louise Stanger, LCSW, CSAT-1, CDWF, CIP

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest, Dr. Louise Stanger discuss Dr. Stanger’s new book “Addiction in the Family” as well as family intensive work.

Episode 29:

Treating The Whole Person With “The Global Gynecologist”, Dr. Catherine Karmel

VIP Guest: Dr. Catherine Karmel, Owner, Karmel Women’s Care

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Dr. Catherine Karmel discuss how Dr. Karmel incorporates the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a patient in her treatment and diagnosis. Dr. Karmel shares with the audience “for better or for worse” she’s been blessed with a diagnostic 6th sense which is why she loves partnering with the J. Flowers Health Institute team.

Episode 28:

Why Survival Depends on Family and Community Resilience

VIP Guest: Judith Landau, MD, DPM, LMFT, CFLE, CIP, CAI, CRS, President and CEO of Linking Human Systems, LLC, and ARISE® Network, and President of LINC Foundation, Inc.

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Dr. Judith Landau discuss Dr. Landau’s 40+ years in exploring how to facilitate resilience and healing for individuals, families and communities through collaborative care. Dr. Laundau educates the audience on the hard work of the Arise network as well as all of her current/upcoming projects.

Episode 27:

Yukwatsistay^, Our Fire, Our Spirit, Within Each One Of Us

VIP Guest: Debra Valentino – Recovery Coach for Yukwatsistay^

Topics of Discussion: Debra Valentino is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, and descendent of the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin who has dedicated her life to those who express an interest in getting a clean and sober lifestyle. Dr. Flowers, Robin French and Debra Valentino discuss combatting the Opioid struggle in Indian Country along with the immediate need to understand what this all entails and what other struggles it brings to our communities.

Episode 26:

When Life Takes Your Breath Away

VIP Guest: Dr. Rex Marco – Chief Medical Ambassador for Reeve Research Collaborations

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Dr. Rex Marco discuss “When Life Takes Your Breath Away” with a twist of fate. Dr. Marco shares his passion for medical research to advance the fields of spine surgery and orthopedic oncology as well as his upcoming projects to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities

Episode 25:

Fragile Power: Why Having It All Is Never Enough

VIP Guest: Paul Hokemeyer J.D., Ph.D – Author of Fragile Power: Why Having It All Is Never Enough

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Dr. Paul Hokemeyer discuss Dr. Paul’s groundbreaking book, Fragile Power: Why Having It All is Never Enough as well as how Dr. Paul came to develop his expertise in such a distinct and controversial niche. Dr. Flowers, Dr. Paul and Robin discuss setting forth a new standard of culturally competent and clinically effective care for high net worth individuals and families who struggle with mental health, personality, relational and addictive disorders.

Episode 24:

Enjoying the Journey to Our Best Selves

VIP Guest: Moe Schlachter, MS RD CDCES – President of Houston Family Nutrition Inc.

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Moe Schlachter discuss why getting advice from a Registered Dietitian instead of anyone else (including your own trainer or even doctor) matters. Moe discusses the psychological and behavioral elements of eating. He shares with our audience one thing everyone can do right now to make food really work for you. Dr. Flowers and Moe have a new project…be sure to tune in and listen for details!

Episode 23:

The Brain is the Brain is the Brain

VIP Guest: Karen Odell-Barber, Founder and Chairman of Neurologics

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Karen Odell-Barber discuss the link between the wiring of the brain, mental health and behavioral medicine. Karen explains the process and the benefits of completing a brain mapping. She tells the audience about working with NASA as well as NFL players. Karen also discusses the link between brain injuries and addiction.

Episode 22:

Mental Milestones of Motherhood

VIP Guest: Gabriela Gerhart, Founder, Motherhood Center

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Gabriela Gerhart discuss recognizing the signs of post-partum depression in new mothers and what to do. She discusses in great detail all that they are/do at the Motherhood Center and how it greatly affects the emotional well-being of mom, baby, and the family as a whole. Gaby also updates James and Robin on the Motherhood Center’s exciting new projects!

Episode 21:

Adding Vitamin Joy In Everyday Life

VIP Guest: Shelby Stanger – Seasoned Journalist, Top Ranked Podcaster – Vitamin Joy & Wild Ideas Worth Living

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Shelby Stanger discuss her tremendous success in journalism and podcasting along with her passion for interviewing people. Shelby explains to the audience how she uses adventure, nature and humor as a catalyst and recipe to life’s biggest problems.

Episode 20:

The Chronic Hope Institute: Families & Addiction

VIP Guest: Kevin Petersen, MA, LMFT, Author “Chronic Hope: Parenting the Addicted Child”, Owner of Petersen Family Counseling and Founder of the Chronic Pain Institute

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Kevin Peterson discuss “what is case management and why it is so important for families”.  Kevin educates the audience between the difference of co-dependency and being a supportive family member.  Kevin explains his “co-dependent no more” starter kit and goes into great detail about his newest book “Chronic Hope: Parenting the Addicted Child”.  He gives our audience great recommendations and solutions for families struggling with addiction.

Episode 19:

Chronic Pain Treatment

VIP Guest: Dr. David Lee, M.D., ABNS Board Certified Neurosurgeon/Spine Specialist

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers and VIP Guest Dr. Lee educate Co- Host Robin French and the listening audience on the subject of chronic pain and the various treatments. Dr. Lee discusses his role as a spine specialist and how he spends the bulk of his day managing his patients with chronic pain. Dr. Lee also discusses recent projects with patents for spinal devices and how he works with companies on the cutting edge of cellular therapy and concussion treatment.

Episode 18:

The Evolution of the Family Intervention

VIP Guest: Meredith Sonetz, MA, LPC, CADC

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Meredith Sonetz discuss how and why Meredith got into the field of recovery. Meredith shares her expertise on the evolution of the family intervention and how important it is to have a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to determine the proper diagnosis prior to entering treatment. Meredith educates the audience on all of the various “hats” she wears as an interventionist and how important it is to keep your skillset sharp with continued training. Meredith has a private practice “Heartfelt Recovery” in the western suburbs of Chicago but travels all over the country for her clients/families.

Episode 17:

Loving Yourself…Mind, Body and Soul

VIP Guest: Shireen Janti, LAADC

Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Shireen Janti discuss MusiCare’s hard work in making a difference by saving lives everyday. Shireen shares MusiCare’s passion for helping people get into treatment for addiction and alcoholism as well as finding help through psychotherapy, medical, dental and daily living needs. She shares how MusiCares gives hope and renews faith in peoples hearts and souls. Shireen also gives the listening audience a rare, heartfelt peak into her world both professionally and personally.

Episode 16:

Protecting Our Children from Commercial Sexual Exploitation

VIP Guest: Breanna Fetkavich, Director of Outreach for Street Grace of Houston

Host: Dr. James Flowers, PhD, LPC-S, J. Flowers Health Institute

Co-Host: Robin French, J. Flowers Health Institute

Topics of Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Breanna Fetkavich discuss the approach Street Grace takes to fight commercial sexual exploitation. They discuss who is vulnerable and why. Breanna updates us on the progress and revamping of Street Grace’s artificial intelligence program to work with local law enforcement for sting operations. Breanna also educates us on what creates the demand and how we as listeners can make a huge difference by getting involved in the fight against sex trafficking.

Episode 15:

Building A Trustworthy Relationship Between Therapist and Patient

VIP Guest: Chase Wade, M. ED, LPC and VP of Clinical Operations at J. Flowers Health Institute

Discussion: Host Dr. James Flowers and Co-Host Robin French chat with Chase Wade on the importance of building professional and trustworthy relationships with patients. Chase also shares some of his personal journey in the mental health industry and what drew him to J. Flowers Health Institute in Houston, Texas.

Episode 14:

How Technology Will Radically Transform Mental Health

VIP Guest: Dr. Andrew Krieger, CEO at Contemporary Medicine Associates, Private Practice Psychotherapist (DSW, LCSW, LCDC)

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, Robin and Dr. Andrew Krieger discuss how Dr. Krieger has devoted his entire professional life to improving access and treatment for people with substance use disorders. In addition, they discuss Dr. Krieger’s unique personal and professional journey as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic forced an overnight adoption of telemedicine by virtually all mental health providers.

Episode 13:

Normalizing Addiction Treatment

VIP Guest: David Walsh, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC
David is a board-certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in the treatment of substance use disorders. David is a published author, speaker, and educator. In addition to founding Dripping Springs Healthcare, David is the COO of CARMAhealth, an addiction healthcare company in Austin, TX.

Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-host Robin French and David Walsh discuss how recovery is personal, relapse is not failure, addiction is a disease, and there is no “right” way to stay in recovery other than not using.

Episode 12:

Sydney Holland: My life, My Journey

VIP Guest: Sydney Holland, Founder & Partner of “The Urban + The Mystic”, Founder of the “Sydney D. Holland Foundation”

Discussion: Sydney talks about living her best life as Mother of three beautiful children, running a very successful company, having a blast flipping houses, along with sharing her passion of philanthropy.

Episode 11:

Impact of Recent Ruling by Texas State Board of Social Workers

VIP Guests: Laurie Reid: LMFT, MCAP, Breaking the Cycle Consulting for BH Compliance Risk Mgmt. Accreditation; Navy Disabled Veteran-Desert Storm Shield/Tour in the Persian Gulf

Courtney Thomas: MSW, Director Service and Leadership at University of Alabama & Adjunct Faculty in the school of social work

Maggie Chapman: MSW, Chronic Pain Clinician at Kemah Palms Recovery

Discussion: On October 12, 2020, the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners and the Behavioral Health Executive Council voted unanimously to change a section of the Code of Conduct that establishes when a social worker may refuse to serve someone. The code no longer prohibits social workers from turning away clients based on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Gov. Abbott’s office proposed this change last minute just three days before the Board’s vote and on the eve of an important election. This panel of professionals discusses how the recent ruling by Texas State Board of Social Workers on 10.12.2020 impacts them both personally and professionally.

Episode 10:

Family, Food and Gratitude

VIP Guest: Johnny Carrabba

Discussion: Celebrity Restauranteur Johnny has a heartfelt, candid discussion with Dr. Flowers and Robin regarding his life journey, his love for food and family, the trials and tribulations of success, his beautiful (and well written) new cookbook entitled “Gratitude” and how passionate he feels about his employees. Johnny’s wit, humor, and charm are a definite “like, comment and share” for this week’s episode of “Understanding the Human Condition”.

Episode 9:

Creating New Ideas for Helping Clients & Their Families

VIP Guests: Robbin Mooney, Co-Founder and CDO of J. Flowers Health Institute & Angela Carrillo, Founder, Owner, and COO of Brass Tacks Recovery, Certified Interventionist, Family and Individual Coach

Discussion: Robbin and Angela discuss how they create space for new ideas in helping clients and families with their healthcare needs. Exploring the idea that there is a place for all approaches, Robbin and Angela share details on why they do what they do for a living and how they ensure open-minded and transparent communication through their own personal and professional growth work.

Episode 8:

A Heart to Heart with the Vintage Contessa

Guest Speaker: Donae Cangelosi Chramosta, Co-Owner of Vintage Contessa & Times Past, published writer, award winning business-woman, style setter, podcast co-host, Philanthropist, as well as loving wife & mother.

Discussion: The Vintage Contessa discusses how she scours the globe for luxury, preowned and one of a kind pieces that make women look and feel smart and socially conscience as if they personally traveled to find the most unique, one of a kind pieces. The Contessa also gives a glimpse inside her personal life and how she makes her work/life balance so successful.

Episode 7:

Change is in the Air

Guest Speaker: Candy Finnigan, Nationally recognized Professional Interventionist, Certified Master Addiction Counselor III and featured interventionist on A & E’s groundbreaking reality series, Intervention. Candy is a nationally recognized author, “When Enough is Enough: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Intervention”, which is a guide used by so many to conduct successful family interventions.

Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-host Robin French and Candy Finnigan discuss addiction, interventions and how the recovery industry has evolved over time.

Episode 6:

Our Youth Taken Hostage

Guest Speaker: Heather Hayes, M.ED., LPC, CIP, CAI

Discussion: Host Dr. Flowers, Co-host Robin French and VIP Guest Heather Hayes discuss addiction as being the biggest terrorist we face. Listen as they discuss how as a nation we are at a crisis state and if not addressed we could potentially lose an entire generation to addiction.

Episode 5:

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Fortes, Board Certified Physician from the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, Dr. Fortes, and Robin discuss plastic surgery, qualifying as a good candidate for plastic surgery, plastic surgery in the transgender community, and the benefits of therapy before and after surgery. They also discuss body dysmorphic disorder, how to approach the subject of body dysmorphia with a loved one, and what effective treatment looks like.

Episode 4:

Courage, Creativity, Communication & Celebration

Guest Speaker: Dr. Louise Stanger, LCSW, CSAT-1, CDWF, CIP

Discussion: Dr. Flowers and Dr. Stanger discuss her upcoming book and her passion for helping families cope with addiction.

Episode 3:

Effective Treatment for the LGBTQ Community

Guest Speaker: Manny Rodriguez, Founder of La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, co-host Robin French, and Manny Rodriguez discuss the need for – and benefits of – treatment specifically catered to the LGBTQ community.

Listen as they cover how La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center specializes in intensive treatment for the LGBTQ community, the impact of methamphetamine on gay culture, and how to find the high-quality treatment that takes care of your individual needs.

Episode 2:

All About Addiction

Guest Speaker: Dr. Vaughn M. Bryant III, Ph.D, LMFT-S, LPC-S, LCDC-CCS

Discussion: Dr. Flowers, co-host Robin French, and Dr. Bryant discuss the stigma of addiction, the spectrum of disordered substance use, spotting the signs, and how to receive the most effective treatment.

Episode 1:

Understanding the Human Condition Pilot

Guest Speaker: Dr. James Flowers

Discussion: In our pilot episode, Dr. Flowers shines light on his personal journey that led him to founding J. Flowers Health Institute. Co-hosted by Robin French, our VP of Concierge Relations, this first episode gives listeners an authentic look at the man raising the standard for whole-person wellness.