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Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program

We work with adults and adolescents from a variety of ages, backgrounds, professions, and industries to identify difficult-to-pinpoint issues related to chronic pain, addiction, substance use, mental health, failure to launch, and lifestyle. Our clients include business executives, students, medical and legal professionals, and more.
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Comprehensive Diagnostic Care​

Our team of doctors and professionals specialize in evaluating:
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For Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

A Bridge to the Right Treatment Approach

J. Flowers Health Institute and its clients benefit from access to one of the top medical centers in the world, the Texas Medical Center. Our Houston program provides clientele with exclusive excellence in care through assessment, evaluations, appropriate treatment, and then back home with an extensive aftercare plan.

The core of our program is a comprehensive team approach: clients receive services not just from physicians, but also from an entire group of medical professionals, including dieticians, psychologists, trauma therapists, addiction therapists, chronic pain experts, physical therapists, spiritual therapists, and any other specialists needed. A host of additional tests are available as well, including hormone testing and brain mapping.

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A Comprehensive Team Approach​

We believe in a proactive, total health-based approach using top providers, technologies, and leading-edge diagnostics to help you look, feel, and be your best self. Our experience, understanding, and dedication to this approach help us succeed where others often fall short.

Our caring team of expert providers are comprehensively trained, board certified, and experts in their fields. We spend time assessing and evaluating you and your total health with what we refer to is a “Living MRI”, creating customized plans to identify the root cause of each health concern. With each evaluation, we provide expert diagnostic care, effective results, exceptional care coordination, and world-class support.

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What Could My Evaluation Include?​

Referred to as our Living MRITM, this program provides one-on-one access to your healthcare team and world-class diagnostic care and support. A collaborative team approach is the heart of the program, uncovering the mysteries of what is uniquely you.

Your multidisciplinary team uses the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation to recommend an individualized treatment plan, incorporating effective psychiatric, medical, and therapeutic strategies appropriate for you.

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