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J. Flowers Health Institute Expands Team of Experts

J. Flowers Health Institute Expands Team of Experts

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J. Flowers Health Institute Expands Team of Experts

Strategic Growth Underway

Located in Houston, Texas, J. Flowers Health Institute has recently added key staff members to their team of experts.

Since its founding in 2019, the Institute has shown aggressive and promising growth. This recent expansion of their core team will accelerate their pursuit of raising the standards of effectiveness and client service in healthcare.

Each new team member will spearhead strategic growth in various aspects of the business, from diagnostic evaluations to clinical care to client and referral relations.

Meet the New Key Team Members


Shay Butts – Vice President of Growth and Client Experience

Since the early 2000s, Shay Butts has been a part of modernizing the mental healthcare industry. She has worked with programs and families in various roles to create excellence in young adult and adolescent residential mental health and addiction treatment. Shay has an extensive background in program leadership, program development, admissions, and therapeutic consulting. Her passion is to create fresh and innovative programming and strategies that offer families not only a baseline standard of care but a level of care that surpasses expectations and provides cutting-edge, world-class services. Shay believes that every family deserves hope and a comprehensive plan to move forward into collective wellness.

After winding down a successful therapeutic consulting practice, Shay began to consult with a variety of programs and found a common bond with Dr. James Flowers. Their vision for world-class care was very much aligned, and the ability to recognize the need for an alternative to the treatment currently available sparked many conversations about “what’s next?” Ultimately, Shay joined Dr. Flowers and the J. Flowers Health Institute as the Vice President of Growth and Client Experience. Shay works directly with the clinical team, families, and referral sources to ensure high-quality care and identify growth areas. Shay also serves as the liaison for Therapeutic & Educational Consultants and their clients.

Susan Nelson - J. Flowers Health Institute - Bespoke Diagnostics & Treatment

Susan Nelson – Regional Director of Professional Relations

As far back as she can remember, Susan has had profound respect for ethical, well-trained, and compassionate health professionals, no matter their area of specialty. She has been fortunate to know and work with many over the years with a heart for helping people and a level of commitment fueled by a desire to make a positive difference.

Prior to joining J. Flowers Health Institute, Susan worked for more than 30 years in behavioral healthcare marketing, professional relations, and business development at The Menninger Clinic.

Susan believes in the importance of solid, reliable, professional relationships and connecting people with excellent, quality care. Susan shares her enthusiasm for the work being done by the professionals at J. Flowers Health Institute in Houston.


Arti Patel, LCSW-S – Clinical Supervisor

Arti Patel has been working in the field of social work/mental health since 2003. Arti attended Rutgers University in New Jersey, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Work in 2005. Arti received her Master of Social Work Degree from Yeshiva University in New York City in 2008. She has worked in a number of different settings, including schools, outpatient substance use treatment, private practice mental health, residential treatment centers, and inpatient psychiatric units. She has a passion for the adolescent population and their families. Arti especially enjoys facilitating psychotherapy groups and is creative in this area.

Arti is trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family systems, child attachment, trauma-informed care, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Her particular areas of interest are in psychodynamic therapy, adoption, attachment, mentalizing, and grief/loss. Arti’s philosophy on therapy comes from a humanistic approach with the idea that anyone can work through and feel a range of emotions without suppressing them. Arti comes from a place of cultural humility and believes that addressing cultural diversity and race in psychotherapy is vital to develop a higher standard of care in this area.

About J. Flowers Health Institute

Flowers Health Institute delivers unparalleled bespoke health care to executives, high-profile individuals, young adults, adolescents, and those with complex conditions. Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program uncovers the true source of any health issue and illuminates the most effective path to optimal wellness. The timeliness of our reports and diagnostic impressions allows the next appropriate level of care to begin promptly with a broad and deep understanding of the individual’s health and wellness.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates to deliver the future of whole-person health. We select the best providers and protocols from Western medicine, holistic health, integrative nutrition, sports medicine, and more that will help our clients reach optimal health. Our team’s coordination and collaboration offer each client a full continuum of bespoke care as appropriate for their unique circumstances.

Every client receives one-on-one support and personalized care. Our high-end medical facilities, access to the world’s largest medical campus, and private partnerships with exquisite hotels and spas ensure that we deliver an exceptional experience for every client. No detail is ever left to chance. Clients of J. Flowers Health Institute focus and heal in discreet comfort.