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Programs curated for Adults and Adolescents.

What Is Wrong With Me?

A clear diagnosis is the key to the most effective treatment possible.

J. Flowers Health Institute delivers the future of healthcare with an uncompromising approach to whole-person health and wellness.

For Highly Complex Individuals

For those struggling with medical, psychiatric, or other co-occurring disorders, we are experts at identifying root causes and illuminating a clear path to wellness.

For Executives and Professionals

J. Flowers Health Institute provides bespoke care to busy individuals who only have limited time to focus on health and wellness. No detail is ever left to chance. Every client receives one-on-one support and personalized care.

For Adolescents and Young Adults

With our comprehensive and personalized approach, we clearly identify the etiology of issues in the medical, psychological, social, spiritual, and behavioral aspects of a young individual’s life. We then develop the most effective, coordinated treatment for the individual, their parents, and care providers.

Privacy is Our Priority

J. Flowers Health Institute provides a space in which every client feels comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle. Our highly trained team understands that amid daily stresses and pressures, it is critical to provide comfort, support, and absolute privacy in clinician-client care and communication.
The Institute offers the following suite of elite services:

A Bridge to the Right Treatment Approach

Those who provide professional healthcare often need our help with diagnosing complex conditions. We work closely with family offices, various organizations, professional care providers, and advisory boards to help clients and their loved ones uncover underlying complex issues and their ideologies.

Our Visionary Team Specializes in Complex Cases

J. Flowers Health Institute facilitates a team of doctors and professionals specializing in client care for complete and comprehensive health, complex mental health, medical disorders, substance use disorders, chronic pain, failure to launch, and overall health and wellness.

We select the best providers and protocols from Western medicine, holistic health, integrative nutrition, sports medicine, and more that will help our clients reach optimal health.

The collaboration and cooperation of our board-certified experts deliver the future of healthcare: a deep approach to whole-person health that clearly identifies hard-to-pinpoint issues. Our approach creates the best opportunity for your future.

Dr. James Flowers

Founder, President

Robbin Mooney
CRS Co-Founder, Executive
Vice President
Michael Beard

Chief Executive Officer

Professional and Luxurious Accommodations

Our state-of-the-art medical facilities, access to the largest medical campus in the world, and private partnerships with exquisite hotels and spas ensure that we deliver an exceptional experience during your time with us.

Clients of J. Flowers Health Institute are able to focus and heal in discreet comfort. Moreover, each client who walks through our doors receives clinical support throughout every step of their healing process.

Our bespoke approach means we stand by you during your journey back to health to ensure a life-changing, highly individualized experience.

For Overseas Clients

J. Flowers Health Institute can now cater to overseas clients with our newly opened, UK-based pre-assessment office.

Our London facility will provide clients with the pivotal first step for integrative mental health, medical, and substance use disorder services. From there, patients can receive a full bespoke diagnosis at our Houston facility and return to the UK to receive a curated wellness program for continuing care.

Our top priority is to provide healing in a fully private and luxurious setting. Our London satellite center will allow international clients to receive our highly individualized, bespoke care.

What Could My Evaluation Include?

A 360-degree View into Whole-Person Health and Wellness

Referred to as our Living MRI™, this program provides one-on-one access to your healthcare team and world-class diagnostic care and support. A collaborative team approach is the heart of the program, uncovering the mysteries of what is uniquely you.

Your multidisciplinary team uses the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation to recommend an individualized treatment plan, incorporating effective psychiatric, medical, and therapeutic strategies appropriate for you.

J. Flowers Health Institute leverages your time with us through a comprehensive, customized, 7 to 10 business days itinerary of services, tests, and exams personalized to your specific needs. Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program, which we refer to as a “Living MRI”, includes but is not limited to the following:

It’s All About You. It’s All About Your Health. Start Here.

Clients can start the journey to total health, wellness, and awareness right here. It begins with our amenity-filled accommodations, with one of our professional team members ready to take care of every detail from the moment of arrival. Begin the journey today.

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