Global Mental Health Crisis

J. Flowers Health Institute Inspires Amid a Global Mental Health Crisis

How you can help your child

J. Flowers Health Institute Inspires Amid a Global Mental Health Crisis

How you can help your child

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ORLANDO, FL. Nov. 4, 2022 – Mental Healthcare giant, J. Flowers Health Institute, held a private event at Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park for healthcare professionals to enjoy a night of magic amid a global mental health crisis. It was all a part of one of the biggest mental health events of the year, the Global Exchange Conference and J. Flowers Health Institute was a proud Platinum Sponsor.

Animal Kingdom Park for healthcare professionals

The Institute delivers concierge diagnostic evaluations and integrative treatment programs to adults and adolescents, particularly those with complex conditions. The founders of the luxurious treatment center covered the cost for healthcare professionals to enjoy a few hours of fun at the theme park, explaining that the last few years have been challenging for health providers.

“Post Covid, the industry has been slammed with treating droves of complicated and complex mental health cases, there’s been an opioid epidemic, and the workload has been immense,” said founder and celebrity psychotherapist James Flowers, Ph.D., LPC-S, CSAT. 

Global Wellness Together

“My co-founder, Robbin Mooney, partner, Michael Beard, and I thought a night at the Happiest Place on Earth would be a great way to thank healthcare professionals.

Their endless hours of care and support to families combating substance use disorder and other mental health conditions deserves recognition,” said Beard.

 “Tonight, we wanted providers to focus on fun, family, and fellowship,” said Mooney. “We’re all in this fight for global wellness together.”  

With more than 25 years of experience in the pain and mental health industry, Flowers shared his professional insight with thousands of attendees at the largest mental health event of the year, the Global Exchange Conference, held at Walt Disney World Resort from November 1 – November 4.  

Thousands from across the globe signed up to hear from renowned wellness experts like Deepak Chopra, Gabor Mate, and Marianne Williamson. Celebrity keynote speakers included Whoopi Goldberg and Rob Lowe. 

The Global Exchange Conference is a four-day event of continuing educational presentations, workshops, and experiences. The event brings together professionals and organizations from Mental Health, Addiction Treatment, and Holistic Wellness. Next year’s event is slated for Nov 12-15.

Every client receives one-on-one support and personalized care. Our high-end medical facilities, access to the world’s largest medical campus, and private partnerships with exquisite hotels and spas ensure that we deliver an exceptional experience for every client. No detail is ever left to chance. Clients of J. Flowers Health Institute focus and heal in discreet comfort.

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