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Pros and Cons of the Bespoke Medical Services

Pros and Cons of the Bespoke Medical Services

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What is Bespoke Medical Services?

Bespoke medical services allow you to pay a monthly or annual fee for quick 24/7 access to your primary care physician. These services can be more expensive than traditional healthcare through insurance, but they offer many benefits worth the price.

Private Pay for Services

Bespoke medicine is a private-pay healthcare system. It involves paying a direct fee to bespoke doctors for their services rather than going through traditional health insurance. By paying your primary physician directly through a retainer, they offer additional benefits that you wouldn’t get elsewhere, such as quicker appointments, more personalized treatment, and more time with your doctor.

Bespoke Medicine vs. Direct Primary Care

Bespoke medical services and direct primary care have many similarities. They are both services that charge a fee for access to your primary care physician. However, there are some notable differences between the two.1

Direct care doctors don’t accept money from insurance, but many bespoke medical practices do. Bespoke services tend to have a higher monthly cost, but that higher price also leads to spending more time providing personalized medical care. Lastly, bespoke services offer more premium services, such as testing and the ability to see specialists for medical issues. Direct primary care has a lower fee and is focused on saving money.

Pros of Bespoke Medical Services

Many positives come along with paying bespoke medical practices for healthcare. Many people feel that these services are worth the money, so they are starting to become more popular.2

More Access

Bespoke medicine will offer more access to your primary care physician. This access means quicker appointments and around-the-clock availability, so you can see a doctor whenever you need medical attention. Paying for a service with more access to your doctor can provide peace of mind that you will never have to worry about finding healthcare when you need it.

More Time with Bespoke Doctor

Since bespoke practices typically service fewer patients than traditional medical practices, you will have more time with your doctor. This attention means that any medical concerns you have can be discussed during your appointments without having to feel rushed.

Virtual Correspondence

At times, you may have a medical concern or question that could be handled through a simple phone call or email. Bespoke services typically do offer virtual correspondence in these situations when you prefer it. This option can save you from having to make an appointment when it’s just a simple issue.

In-House Specialization

Bespoke medical practices also offer in-home medical care. This care is more convenient than driving to the doctor’s office when you make an appointment. This way, you can receive medical care without having to interrupt a large portion of your day.

Care Coordination

With bespoke medical care, your healthcare will be made to fit your needs. Everyone on your medical team will streamline and plan your healthcare to get you the best treatment possible in all aspects. This coordination makes your healthcare both more personalized and more effective.

Personalized Care Plans

There is no one size fits all healthcare program. Every person has their own unique needs, which is why bespoke services can be so beneficial. Since your doctor will have more time to spend on your healthcare, they can offer you more comprehensive plans and services. This way, they can give you a medical plan that will get you the best results possible.

Cons of Bespoke Medical Services


One of the main drawbacks to bespoke medical services is the cost. Premium healthcare services do come with a larger price tag. This price tag can make these services unaffordable to some.

Outside of the membership fee, there may also be other out-of-pocket costs that drive the price up. These are things like prescriptions, seeing specialists, and hospital visits that would still need an insurance plan.

Hard to Find Bespoke Doctors

Bespoke medical services are still growing. While they are gaining popularity, bespoke practices are still limited. Since bespoke doctors try to have fewer patients to provide more personalized healthcare, this can also mean it’s hard to find practices that have room to take on more patients.

Bespoke Medical Services for Addiction

The bespoke medical model can be very effective for treating addiction. Since bespoke medical services are more personalized, doctors can develop a specialized treatment program to fit each patient’s needs. When it comes to addiction, everyone in recovery may have different requirements. Bespoke services can help you get the right treatment on your path to healing.

Inpatient Rehab

Bespoke services can provide inpatient rehab, where you would stay at a treatment center for some time. This structured environment offers a supportive routine that is away from temptations. You will also have around-the-clock medical support.

Outpatient Rehab

There are also in-home outpatient rehab services available. This treatment allows you to detox and receive services in the comfort of your own home. This option can be great for those who can’t disrupt their entire life to receive treatment due to work or family responsibilities.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

In some cases, medications may be prescribed to ease withdrawal symptoms or prevent relapse. These medications can help make the detox process safer and more comfortable.


Therapy is an essential part of any treatment program. Therapy can help you develop coping mechanisms to deal with the stresses of life without using drugs. It can also treat any underlying issues that may be causing the addiction to occur.


Bespoke medical services offer complete access to your primary care physician in exchange for a monthly or annual fee. Paying this up-front fee can come with many different benefits. These services can be expensive, but many people feel it’s worth the cost. If you’re looking for highly personalized healthcare that is timely and effective, then bespoke medical care is the solution.