Bespoke Medical Services for Addiction Treatment

Bespoke Medical Services for Addiction Treatment

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What Are Bespoke Medical Services?

Bespoke medical services entail paying a fee for access to a bespoke physician. These services can be expensive. However, they offer more benefits than traditional health care such as convenience, quick access to a medical provider, personalized care, and home medical care. All these factors are reasons why someone may choose to pay the extra money and receive bespoke medical care.

How Do You Pay?

Pay for bespoke medical services generally occurs through a monthly or yearly retainer fee. This monthly or yearly fee provides a patient with unlimited access to a bespoke physician, along with comprehensive testing and other benefits.

What is Included?

Bespoke medicine offers several benefits to patients including:

  • 24/7 phone access
  • Same-day appointments
  • Preventative health and wellness services
  • Short waiting times
  • Personalized health care
  • More testing options

All of these benefits are reasons why someone may choose to pay the fee for bespoke medical care.1

The Benefits of Bespoke Medical Services

24/7 Phone Access

One common benefit of bespoke medicine is direct contact information to reach a primary care physician. This direct contact makes the services feel more personable than traditional medical care. Additionally, 24/7 phone access can provide people with peace of mind that they can always get in touch with someone when they need medical attention.

Same Day Appointments

One can often get same-day appointments with bespoke medical services. This is a great benefit because a patient never has to worry about scheduling since they can usually get an appointment on short notice. Bespoke medicine aims to provide convenient health care that is as worry-free as possible.

Preventative Health and Wellness Services

One of the main complaints with traditional medical services is that they only treat medical issues as they arise. However, bespoke care provides preventative measures and services to stop health issues from arising. Preventative services also provide tests that can detect major health problems early on.

Short Waiting Times

Bespoke care is convenient and will provide a patient with as short of a waiting time as possible. Clients won’t have to wait days or weeks for an appointment, nor do they need to sit in waiting rooms for long periods.

Personalized Health Care

Bespoke health care is more personalized than traditional health care. Bespoke doctors have fewer patients and can spend more time with a patient to address any concerns. A bespoke care plan will be personalized and made to fit the client’s needs.

More Testing Options

Bespoke medicine is able to offer testing options that traditional health care can’t. Bespoke medicine includes detailed testing that can uncover health issues before they become a major problem and lead to better treatment.

Pros and Cons of Bespoke Medical Services

Like any service, bespoke medical care has pros and cons. Some of the pros include:


  • Access: Patients will have around-the-clock access to a health care provider which can provide peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive care: Bespoke medicine will give detailed healthcare that is designed to fit a patient’s needs.
  • In-home healthcare: Many bespoke providers make house calls which can be very convenient and less interruptive to one’s schedule.
  • Virtual health care: If the patient has a simple question, bespoke doctors can discuss medical queries over the phone and save a drive to the office.

Some of the cons to bespoke health care include:


  • Cost: These services offer a lot of benefits, but that comes with a cost. These services can be unaffordable for some.
  • Lack of proximity: Depending on where one lives, they may have trouble locating bespoke services. This treatment is a developing service and there are a limited number of patients that a single bespoke doctor can see.
  • Problems with insurance cooperation: Bespoke services accept insurance, but some insurance services aren’t as cooperative with bespoke services. Many bespoke practices have difficulty accepting Medicare or Tricare.

What Is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction can negatively affect someone’s life in many ways. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, there are resources available that can help. Proper treatment and support are necessary to make the recovery process successful. Addiction treatment generally involves the following elements.2


Detox is one of the first steps of the treatment process. The patient will likely experience withdrawal symptoms during this time which can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. It is important to have medical care present to make this process as safe and comfortable as possible.


Behavioral therapy is an essential part of a treatment program. In therapy, a client learns skills that can help them cope and resolve daily issues without relying on the use of drugs or alcohol. Therapy can also uncover any underlying issues that may be causing addiction. Therapy helps one work through these underlying issues to maintain long-term sobriety.


Inpatient treatment involves residing at a treatment center to receive treatment for a duration of time. Inpatient treatment is beneficial because it allows the client to live in a structured and supportive environment away from temptations. During this time, the patient will detox, receive therapy, and work on a plan for maintaining long-term sobriety.


Outpatient treatment can be a flexible option that allows one to live at home while receiving addiction treatment. Outpatient treatment involves going to a treatment center at designated times or receiving in-home treatment services. Outpatient treatment is a great option for individuals who desire privacy, who don’t want to neglect daily responsibilities, or who don’t want to leave their family.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Depending on the type of addiction and the severity of withdrawal symptoms, medication-assisted treatment may be a suitable option. Certain medications help treat addiction by easing any withdrawal symptoms or preventing relapse from occurring.

Addiction Treatment with Bespoke Medical Services

How is Addiction Treated with Bespoke Medical Services?

Bespoke medical services offer personalized treatment options. The client will receive a comprehensive evaluation and a bespoke doctor who tailors a treatment plan to meet their needs. Medical staff will be available for continuous support during the detox process, and they will work to make it as comfortable as possible.

Bespoke addiction treatment will also provide each patient with therapy and other resources to help them develop coping mechanisms and a plan to maintain sobriety after the treatment program is over.

How are These Bespoke Medical Services Different than Normal Addiction Treatment?

Bespoke addiction treatment differs from normal addiction treatment because it is more personalized, provides higher quality care, and is more private. Many who choose bespoke addiction treatment are looking for high-end services built to meet their needs. These clients may be high-level executives or celebrities that want a private service with options that work around their busy schedules.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros of bespoke addiction treatment include:

  • Privacy: For those who desire privacy, bespoke treatment is a great option to keep treatment confidential.
  • Around-the-clock support: Bespoke medical professionals can give a greater degree of support and attention to patients.
  • Flexible schedule: Treatment plans can be designed around the client’s schedule, so they don’t have to neglect daily responsibilities.
  • Cutting-edge treatment options: Bespoke care will provide the latest treatment options that aren’t yet available through normal treatment services.

Some of the cons of bespoke addiction treatment are:

  • Cost: Bespoke services are more expensive and will be unaffordable for some.
  • Availability: Depending on where the client lives, they may have a hard time finding bespoke practices in the area. This is still a developing industry that needs more doctors to open bespoke practices.3

If you can afford this service and there is a bespoke practice in your area, you should consider bespoke care for addiction treatment services.

Who Provides Bespoke Medical Services for Addiction Treatment?

Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab services are for celebrities and other high-achieving professionals who are looking for a high-end rehab experience. Luxury rehab centers resemble a luxury resort rather than the medical feel of traditional rehab. These centers can provide comfort and amenities to patients to make the recovery process easier.4

Executive Rehab

Executive rehab is recovery designed for high-level business professionals. These services are designed to provide a high level of privacy and top-quality medical care for these individuals. Executive rehab can allow the client to continue working while receiving treatment, so they don’t have to neglect responsibilities.4