Who we Serve

We work with adults and adolescents from a variety of ages, backgrounds, professions, and industries to identify difficult-to-pinpoint issues related to chronic pain, addiction, substance use, mental health, and lifestyle. Our clients include business executives, students, medical and legal professionals, and more.

Comprehensive Care

Our team of doctors and professionals specialize in evaluating:

  • Detox and stabilization
  • Mental, emotional, and physical health
  • Chronic pain
  • Substance use disorder
  • Trauma
  • Process addictions
  • Overall health and wellness
  • Impaired professionals

We will ensure your evaluation program is comfortable, personal, and private.

A Bridge to the Right Treatment Approach

Those who provide professional help often need our help with complex diagnostic evaluations. So we work closely with professional care-providers, advisory boards, industries, and families to help their patients and loved ones uncover underlying causes, conditions, and issues.

Our comprehensive, client-specific evaluations reveal real, often complex issues and serve as a bridge and a guide to the appropriate treatment approach.

Once an evaluation is completed, our team provides a clear plan for treatment. The J. Flowers Health Institute will connect you, your patient, client, employee, friend, or family member to the right treatment center, health care provider, or another resource.

The J. Flowers Health Institute team is eminently prepared for this work, through years of individual experience and a collaborative team approach. We can help even in the most sensitive circumstances.

Contact us today, and be on your way to a better life.

Programs for Impaired Professionals

Specialized diagnostic evaluation programs include programs designed for Impaired Professionals, such as pilots, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals. These programs usually take 4 to 5 days.

Not all of these clients are experiencing addiction or other health issues. But many employers require periodic evaluations, and some professionals do suffer from addiction and other issues that need to be evaluated.

If an Impaired Professional exhibits or acknowledges the need for help, an evaluation is the next step. Our highly experienced team, offering differing medical and clinical specialties, will provide a comprehensive evaluation. The IP (Impaired Professional) evaluation is a critical diagnostic tool and helps ensure whether an individual can practice with reasonable skill and safety.

J. Flowers Health Institute IP evaluations can include comprehensive physical, psychological, psychiatric, and neuropsychological evaluations; personality and neurocognitive testing; drug use, abuse, and dependence screening; toxicology testing; special assessments for process addictions; fitness and nutritional assessment; and recommendations on fitness for duty and return to work, along with a detailed report.

A Comprehensive Team Approach

J. Flowers Health Institute and its clients benefit from access to one of the top medical centers in the world, the Texas Medical Center. The Houston, Texas, program provides our clientele with exclusive excellence in care through assessment, evaluation, and back home with an extensive health care aftercare plan.

The core of our program is a comprehensive team approach: clients receive services not just from physicians, but also from an entire group of medical professionals, including dieticians, psychologists, trauma therapists, addiction therapists, chronic pain experts, physical therapists, spiritual therapists, and any other specialists needed. A host of additional tests are available as well, including hormone testing and brain mapping.

Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program features executive-level service with uncompromising care administered by a renowned team of clinicians and physicians.

Reach out today to speak with a member of our concierge team.


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