Dr. James S. Flowers Ph.D., LPC-S, CSAT Founder, President - J.Flowers Health

Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

Understanding the Human Condition

with Dr. James Flowers

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In each episode of “Understanding The Human Condition,” Dr. Flowers and his most-admired mentors, respected colleagues, and VIP guests share valuable insight into underlying health causes, conditions, and issues. These in-depth yet approachable episodes are a great resource for both private individuals and industry professionals.

Our esteemed host, Dr. James Flowers, is one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, mental health, and substance use disorders, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Flowers is the founder of J. Flowers Health Institute located in Houston, Texas.

J. Flowers Health Institute provides a space in which executives, professionals, and others feel comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle. Contact us to learn more.
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Episode 87:

Part Three – When Enough is Enough

Guest Speaker: Tonda Chapman, Candy Finnigan, & Jeanie Griffin

In Part Three of this very special series, Dr. Jason Flowers welcomes back to the show Tonda Chapman, Candy Finnigan, & Jeanie Griffin.

Today, Tonda, Candy & Jeanie talk about their experiences with interventions, reflect on servant leadership and share their passion for helping others.

Episode 86:

Part Two – The Family Choice: Using “Bad” Words Like Intimacy and Vulnerability

Guest Speaker: Tonda Chapman, Candy Finnigan, & Jeanie Griffin.

In Part Two of this very special three-part series, Dr. Jason Flowers welcomes back to the show Tonda Chapman, Candy Finnigan, & Jeanie Griffin.

Today, Candy & Jeanie talk about the critical role that family plays in recovery and the value of intimacy and being vulnerable.

Episode 85:

Part One – Spirituality & Family: From the Bridge of Reason to the Shore of Faith

Guest Speaker: Tonda, Candy & Jeanie Griffi

In Part One of a very special three-part series, Dr. James Flowers welcomes to the show Tonda Chapman, Candy Finnigan, & Jeanie Griffin. Today, Tonda, Candy & Jeanie Griffin get personal and share their own experiences with addiction, recovery, spirituality, and The Twelve Step Program. They talk about family, and the people in our lives who become our family. Finally, they discuss the differences between belief and faith and turning to a higher power or being.

Episode 84:

Saying Yes to Opportunity with Amanda Blanco

Guest Speaker: Amanda Blanco

Amanda Blanco is the CEO of the Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire, who started her career with UHS as a Mental Health Technician over 10 years ago. In her tenure with UHS, she has successfully driven initiatives to convert a facility to seclusion free and started clinical trials on acute schizophrenic patients through MERCK, a research organization.

Today, she joins the show to talk about how a personal tragedy led her into the field of mental health, advice she would give to other mental health technicians, and the improvements she hopes to see in the mental health industry.

Episode 83:

The Mind Body Connection with Apro Choudhry

Guest Speaker: Apro Choudhury

Apro Choudhury is a mind-body interventionist who focuses on integrative behavioral health consultancy and public health with six years of experience empowering traumatized clinical populations, communities, and healthcare institutions. He’s incredibly skilled at building relationship-driven partnerships that activate our capacity to heal trauma, understand ourselves, and face challenges with practical and accessible mind-body skills.

Today, he joins the show to talk about generational trauma, his passion for serving others and the incredible work he’s doing with families and pediatric populations at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Episode 81:

Telemedicine, Therapy & Access to Quality Mental Healthcare with Farideh Banafshei

Guest Speaker: Farideh Banafshei

Farideh Banafshei is a relational integrative therapist who integrates and tailors evidence-based psychological interventions, drawing knowledge from diverse schools of thought, to optimally create the most supportive approach to best suits her patients’ needs. She specializes in areas such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, phobias, and personal development.

Today, she joins the show to discuss trends in Artificial Intelligence and telemedicine in the aftermath of the global pandemic, alternative medicine options, and therapeutic approaches that she employs with her patients.

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