social media addiction

Overcoming Social Media Addiction

Overcoming Social Media Addiction

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Friends, Family, and Users All Suffer

Houston, Texas…It seems that the world is obsessed with social media. There is no escape, not for businesses and definitely not for individuals. As of July of 2021, 4.48 billion people currently use social media worldwide with an average of 6.6 various media platforms. These users, aged 16 to 64, spend at least 145 minutes a day on social media.


If you have a child 13 or older, you realize that social media can be all-consuming for them. Whether they are using Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms, they are lost in their phones, tablets, and/or computers. If a child begins social media at the age of 16 and continues until the age of 70, they will spend 5.7 years of their life on it. Moreover, each year, the numbers tend to rise.


Unless carefully supervised, your child can wander into areas where no child should be. Online games may hold predators disguising themselves as children, body images become skewed because of airbrushed images, and bullies can anonymously hide among internet friends.

Breaking the Cycle

This social media addiction can be extremely difficult to break, but it can be done. However, the process is not quickly achieved nor is it a one-and-done fix. It takes time and, in many cases, a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Arit Patel, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with J. Flowers Health Institute, states that:

A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is based on someone’s physical and emotional health. We want to get a 360° on how a person interacts with the world, how they view themselves, and how they use social media. We ask what they use social media for, whether it is for their job or for their personal reasons. We want to understand because that really impacts a person.

If someone you know is addicted to social media, now is the time to help them take control of this issue. Contact the J. Flowers Health Institute at 713-783-6655 or visit for more information about comprehensive diagnostic techniques and how our team can assist with addiction treatment, cognitive disorder diagnosis, and more.

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