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Meet the team addictionologist neurologist

Meet the team addictionologist neurologist

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Meet the team addictionologist neurologist

When substance use disorder is involved, our double board-certified addictionologist/Neurologist steps into the recovery process.

Recovering individuals have a high chance of relapsing and our addictionologist is intricately involved in our evaluation program to ensure the best chance of healing the individual’s body mind and soul. In addition to their expertise in substance dependency, this professional is a licensed neurologist with the knowledge of how cognitive functions affect addiction.

The J. Flowers substance use disorder experts implement evidence-based research and practices to address the difficult-to-pinpoint issues unique to the individual’s recovery.  When determining an appropriate treatment method, our experts carefully consider all potentially influential factors including substance of choice, any preexisting health conditions and external motivators.

Throughout the individual’s continued recovery, it is important to maintain stable stress levels, social interactions and positive relationships. Our job as a comprehensive evaluation program is to identify potential triggers, offer tools and support for stress reduction and help the individual cultivate a healthy lifestyle independent of drugs or alcohol. Our experts are trained to develop an executive-level care program that will meet your individual health and wellness needs.

At the J. Flowers Health Institute, we value expertise, comfort, efficiency and privacy over all else and work to provide every patient with a personalized comprehensive care experience. Following a thorough diagnostic evaluation, we review the findings carefully and then determine the best course of action for the client’s unique situation. We work together with our evaluation team, families of the client and any professionals that may be involved for further strategies for total health and wellness. Our goal is to provide the individual with strategies to leave J. Flowers Health Institute with confidence, support and a workable plan for future health.

For more information on substance use disorder, chronic pain and mental health, contact our J. Flowers Health Institute team.