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J. Flowers Health Institute Appoints Ruth Ann Rigby as Chief Strategy Officer

J. Flowers Health Institute Appoints Ruth Ann Rigby as Chief Strategy Officer

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J. Flowers Health Institute Appoints Ruth Ann Rigby as Chief Strategy Officer

HOUSTON, TX. Feb. 15, 2023 – –Ruth Ann Rigby, CRS, currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at J. Flowers Health Institute in Houston, TX.

She has been a leader in the behavioral health and addiction recovery field for over 25 years, with 26 years in recovery. Ruth Ann represents the very principles she strives for daily—confidence, integrity, humility, and grace.


“I am so excited to be working with Dr. Flowers, Robbin, and Michael on their leadership team,” stated Ruth Ann. “They truly have created an environment for complete and total wellness for executives, professionals, adolescents, and young adults.”  


“Passionate. Selfless. Honest. These are just a few of the traits that come to mind when I think of Ruth Ann,” said Founder Dr. James Flowers. “When it comes to helping people, Ruth Ann steps forward with tenacity and a sheer will to combat whatever challenges she or the many families she helps face. Her energy complements our team of experts’ commitment to transforming lives, and I am honored to have Ruth Ann as a valued member of our outstanding team.”

“Ruth Ann and I have worked in the field together for many years, and I have the utmost respect for her uncompromising drive to be the best she can be in all areas of her life,” said Robbin Mooney, Co-Founder of J. Flowers Health Institute. “She has a professional history of going above and beyond to help clients and their loved ones find solutions. We are pleased to appoint Ruth Ann as Chief Strategy Officer based on her experience, expertise, and extraordinary empathy for those dealing with complex conditions.”

“I am excited for the future of J. Flowers Health Institute now that she has become a critical member of our team. She brings years of personal and professional experience to this role,” stated Michael Beard, Partner. I have known her for many years, and I know that she is relentless in helping those in need, doing whatever it takes to save a life – and Ruth Ann has been responsible for saving many. Ruth Ann dedicates her life to giving people hope.

Rigby is a prominent figure in the addiction recovery and mental health industry, working with some of the leading treatment providers in the nation. Most recently, she was recognized by the High Watch Recovery Center and presented with the Marty Mann Award in the Fall of 2021. She was recognized by a Resolution from former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant in 2020 for her dedication to fighting for those caught in addiction in local communities as well as nationally.

She was awarded the Fred R. French Award for Excellence in 2020 by C4 Recovery Foundation for her outstanding service in the field of addiction – with an emphasis on mentoring and educating others. Because of her superlative ethical and professional standards, she was recognized nationally at the 2018 Admissions and Marketing Symposium with the Silver Shoe Award.

Rigby has served on the board of numerous community organizations, church leadership committees, and behavioral health associations such as the Mississippi Association of Drug Court Professionals, Central Mississippi Chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency, Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals, American Diabetes Association, National Alliance for Mental Illness (Mississippi Chapter) and National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

In her spare time, Ruth Ann serves on the Advisory Board for the Center for Hope and Healing at Broadmoor Baptist Church, where she is available to work with any family that crosses her path. She is dedicated to fighting for those caught in addiction and ending the cycle of dependency. Her leadership in action has been proven repeatedly by her tireless energy and passion to change and save a person’s life. Ruth Ann, along with her husband LTC (Ret) Joseph Rigby, are co-founders of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization called First Responders of Mississippi.


Rigby and her husband Joseph along with their three Cocker Spaniels — Graciee, Cailee and Darbee — reside in Madison County, MS, on their farm “Stil-Wurkin’”.

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