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Houston Concierge Healthcare Provider Offers Brain Mapping Neuroengineering Used by NASA and Olympians

Houston Concierge Healthcare Provider Offers Brain Mapping Neuroengineering Used by NASA and Olympians

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J. Flowers Health Institute Delivers the Future of Health and Wellness

J. Flowers Health Institute has recently moved its brain mapping evaluations in-house as a core part of their Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation and Wellness & Restoration Program offerings. The Houston-based concierge healthcare provider has partnered with Neurologics Neuroengineering® to deliver these services to its clients.1 Neurologics Brain Mapping is the most technologically-advanced, comprehensive brain assessment in the world, delivering brain performance enhancement used by the world’s top performers, from NASA scientists to Olympic athletes.

“We are thrilled to announce our joint efforts to combine Neurologics’ technology with the concierge health and wellness services of J. Flowers Health Institute to deliver unparalleled healthcare to executives, high-profile individuals, young adults, adolescents, and those with complex conditions,” said Dr. James Flowers, Founder of the Institute. “I look forward to working with Neurologics for many years to come; there’s no telling where this technology will go in the future.”

Brain Mapping is the Future of Whole-Person Health

J. Flowers Health Institute offers brain mapping as an integral part of delivering the future of whole-person health and wellness. Neurologics Neuroengineering® includes a two-phase approach that maximizes brain potential for those struggling with concussion or brain injury, learning differences, child development, addiction, or peak performance. The Institute uses brain mapping throughout diagnosis and treatment to measure your healing and growth as your wellness evolves.

“Neurologics provides the most comprehensive brain function assessment based on active qEEG brain mapping that I have seen in my career,” noted COL (Ret.) Dallas Hack MD who chairs the Scientific Advisory Board of Neurologics.2 “I thought I had seen everything in the field of cognitive rehabilitation during my tenure leading the Department of Defense research efforts on neurotrauma, but the Neurologics Neuroengineering® approach is in a class by itself. Combining this with the J. Flowers Health Institute’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program truly provides the best technologies available to solve and resolve difficult body and brain challenges.”

J. Flowers Health Solves Complex Medical Problems

“People come to Flowers to solve complex medical problems,” said Karen Odell-Barber, CEO and Founder of Neurologics. “I have always operated from the perspective that you can solve any problem if you actually know what the problem is. But if you’re just guessing and you guess wrong, then the treatment plan isn’t going to be effective. Neurologics is thrilled to add its unique strengths to the J. Flowers Health Institute’s robust program of concierge diagnostics.”

About Neurologics Neuroengineering®

Neurologics uses FDA-approved technology and offers custom-designed, drug-free neuroengineering solutions preferred by Olympians, professional athletes, and world-renowned scientists. Selected by MIT as a top innovator in behavioral neuroscience, Neurologics Neuroengineering® unleashes radical improvements in brain performance.

About J. Flowers Health Institute

J. Flowers Health Institute delivers unparalleled concierge health care to executives, high-profile individuals, young adults, adolescents, and those with complex conditions. Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program uncovers the true source of any health issue and illuminates the most effective path to optimal wellness. The timeliness of our reports and diagnostic impressions allows the next appropriate level of care to begin promptly with a broad and deep understanding of the individual’s health and wellness.


Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates to deliver the future of whole-person health. We select the best providers and protocols from Western medicine, holistic health, integrative nutrition, sports medicine, and more that will help our clients reach optimal health. Our team’s coordination and collaboration offer each client a full continuum of concierge care as appropriate for their unique circumstances.


Every client receives one-on-one support and personalized care. Our high-end medical facilities, access to the world’s largest medical campus, and private partnerships with exquisite hotels and spas ensure that we deliver an exceptional experience for every client. No detail is ever left to chance. Clients of J. Flowers Health Institute focus and heal in discreet comfort.