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We provide luxurious, executive-level bespoke service and uncompromising evaluations and treatment administered by a renowned, expert team of clinicians and physicians.
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Our Holistic Wellness Approach

We believe in a proactive, total health-based approach using top providers, technologies, and leading-edge diagnostics to help you look, feel, and be your best self. Our experience, understanding, and dedication to this approach help us succeed where others often fall short.

Dr. James Flowers and Robbin Mooney, the founders and visionaries of J. Flowers Health Institute and their team have clients who travel from all over the world to reach optimal health through our practice. We educate and empower those who strive to find long sought-after answers. We hand pick the best providers and protocols from western medicine, holistic health, integrative nutrition, sports medicine, and more that will help our clients reach optimal health. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach all your goals and live the best life possible. We are here for you.

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We Specialize in Complex Cases

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At J. Flowers Health Institute, we provide the best
experience and top service for anyone who is tired of not understanding why they haven’t been successful in
finding the root causes of many of life’s problems; which
can include chronic pain, migraines, medication
complexities, failure to launch, addiction and substance
use disorder concerns, joint pain and joint care,
cardiovascular health, aging, hormone replacement
or eating to reduce inflammation, and any other point
of concern in one’s health.

Our caring team of expert providers are comprehensively trained, board certified, and experts  in their fields. We spend time assessing and evaluating you and your total health with what we refer to is a “Living MRI”, creating customized plans to identify the root cause of each health concern. With each evaluation, we provide expert diagnostic care, effective results, exceptional care coordination, and world-class support.

We Specialize in Complex Cases

At J. Flowers Health Institute, we provide the best experience and top service for anyone who is tired of not understanding why they haven’t been successful in finding the root causes of many of life’s problems; which can include chronic pain, migraines, medication
complexities, failure to launch, addiction and substance use disorder concerns, joint pain and joint care, cardiovascular health, aging, hormone replacement or eating to reduce inflammation, and any other point of concern in one’s health.

Our caring team of expert providers are comprehensively trained, board certified, and experts  in their fields. We spend time assessing and evaluating you and your total health with what we refer to is a “Living MRI”, creating customized plans to identify the root cause of each health concern. With each evaluation, we provide expert diagnostic care, effective results, exceptional care coordination, and world-class support.

Our Mission Statement

J. Flowers Health Institute is committed to saving lives and improving wellness by providing clarity, direction, and results through comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and holistic treatment.

Our Vision

To raise the standards of effectiveness
and client service in healthcare.

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Meet the Team

Dr. James S. Flowers


Founder, President

Robbin Mooney


Co-Founder, Executive Vice President

Michael Beard

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Shay Butts

Chief Experience Officer

Dr. Melanie Somerville

Ph.D., LPC-S

Chief Clinical Officer

Claudia Schwarz


Vice President of Clinical Outreach

Ruth Ann Rigby


Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Shannon Schrader


Medical Director

Dr. Ye Beverly Du


Dr. Frank Chen


Catherine Karmel


Chase M. Wade


Vice President of Clinical Operations

Robin French

Vice President of Alumni Relations, Director of Business Development, Texas

Madalyne Smith


Director of Nursing & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Vaughn M. Bryant, III


Clinical Director

Dr. Karen Hughes



Arti Patel


Primary Therapist

Ryan Viviano


Primary Therapist

David Aron


Primary Therapist

Farideh Banafshei 

Lead Psychologist, J. Flowers Health Institute, London

Leslie Clarke

Director of Admissions

Lisa Hornsby

Admissions Specialist

Andrew Hummel

Clinical Logistics Manager

Olivia Potter

Client Coordinator

Tony Anderson

Facilities Administrator

Rich Weiland


Administrative Assistant & Fleet Manager

Jeremy Cameron


Client Liaison

Pam Reynolds

Client Liaison

Betsy Willis

Client Liaison

Shalonda Hogg

Client Liaison

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Bespoke Diagnostic Evaluations, Integrative Medical, Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Adults & Adolescents J. Flowers Health Institute, 109 North Post Oak Lane, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77024
Dr. James S. Flowers J.Flowers Health Institute

Dr. James S. Flowers, Ph.D., LPC-S, CSAT


For more than 25 years, Dr. James Flowers has been one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, pain recovery, and addiction. With his broad educational background and extensive experience in both the evaluation and treatment of chronic pain and co-occurring addiction, he is recognized as an expert.

Dr. Flowers has completed several fellowships in behavioral pain management complete with clinical rotations.

He personally developed pain and addiction recovery programs for some of the best-known healthcare and addiction treatment centers in the country. He directed programs integrating assessment and treatment planning with a course of treatment to promote successful recovery.

Dr. Flowers also co-founded several well-known, exclusive treatment programs in the state of Texas, dedicated to his passion – that of designing multidisciplinary addiction treatment with clinical protocols, to help individuals suffering from addiction, chronic pain and other underlying disorders, successfully recover. With a demonstrated commitment to create positive change in the lives of his clients, he is dedicated to progressive healthcare, human healing, and to developing healthcare systems which best serve this population.

Dr. Flowers has been arranging assessments and evaluations for many years, but in founding J. Flowers Health Institute, he has advanced the process to satisfy a great void – to provide truly comprehensive assessment and evaluation for those who need diagnosis, and to then develop post-evaluation treatment recommendations. Having spent over 28 years in the Texas medical and clinical community, Dr. Flowers is uniquely qualified to assemble some of the finest health care professionals in the world to perform these evaluations and treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Flowers’ passion and dedication to his clients, as well as his unique approach, has earned him an exceptional reputation as one of the nation’s premier experts. He is a popular public speaker and lecturer to audiences across the United States and abroad and has led an exceptional and distinguished career.

“Everything is about you. Everything is about your health.”


Robbin Mooney, CRS

Co-founder, Chief Development Officer

Robbin Mooney is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of J. Flowers Health Institute in Houston, Texas, an integrative behavioral health and medical bespoke healthcare center offering comprehensive health and wellness evaluations and treatment services. Robbin has served in the behavioral health industry since 1998, creating and implementing dynamic marketing solutions, design, and branding strategies for a variety of companies and institutions. Business development, public relations, and recovery advocacy roles have been her passion, and through these roles she’s found a way to help others find a full and successful life.

Prior to co-founding the Institute, Robbin filled several roles at Willingway Hospital, one of the country’s first specialty addiction treatment hospitals. As Director of Communications, Marketing Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator and in various director and leadership positions, she honed her skills and deepened her passion for the wellness and behavioral health field. Continuing along that trajectory, Robbin went on to serve as the Outreach and Communications Liaison for Crossroads Centre Antigua, an internationally recognized addiction treatment program founded by Eric Clapton in 1998 as a holistic, 12- step medical model providing detox and residential services.

Over the past 20 years, Robbin has actively volunteered with MusiCares, the non-profit arm of the Recording Academy, helping musicians and individuals in the entertainment industry find the help they need for recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.

Robbin presents nationally and internationally at professional educational forums regarding marketing, business development, and behavioral health topics. She was recognized in 2021 by the Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce celebrating many of Houston’s leading executive entrepreneurs, and she currently serves on the board of directors for the Humane Society of Southern Coastal Georgia.

Robbin is a Certified Recovery Specialist, a professionally Certified Yoga Instructor, and is married to Jimmy Mooney, former owner and CEO of Willingway Hospital.


Michael Beard

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Beard is a seasoned senior healthcare executive with over eighteen years of psychiatric and substance abuse experience as an executive team member. His vast array of management expertise includes multi-site operations, strategic planning, business development, and finance. Mr. Beard served as a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer for several start-up healthcare organizations, including Driftwood Recovery, Kemah Palms Recovery, Cypress Lakes Lodge, and Healthtrust. Throughout his previous tenure with the Healthtrust organization, he championed the startup and successful development of more than 50 addiction and pain management programs in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. His consistent demand for quality standards for credentialing and competency evaluation of healthcare professionals set his companies apart in the healthcare industry.

Mr. Beard has been recognized for his leadership and charitable organizational strategies, raising funds, and generous giving. He was also on the Joint Commission advisory council for Kemah Palms Recovery and Cypress Lakes Lodge.

Mr. Beard is a passionate alum of the University of Alabama and bleeds Crimson Red, taking in as many football games as possible. He is also a nationally ranked top softball player and has played in the Softball World Series every year for the last 25 years.

Shay Butts

Chief Operating Officer

Since the early 2000’s, Shay Butts has been a part of modernizing the mental healthcare industry, working with programs and families in a variety of roles to create an excellence in young adult and adolescent residential mental health and addiction treatment. With an extensive background in program leadership, program development, admissions and therapeutic consulting, Shay developed a passion for creating fresh and innovative programming and strategies that offered families not only a baseline standard of care, but a level of care that surpassed expectations and provided cutting edge, world class services. Shay believes that every family deserves hope…and every family should have a comprehensive plan to move forward into collective wellness.

After winding down a successful therapeutic consulting practice, Shay began to consult with a variety of programs, and found a common bond with Dr. James Flowers. Their vision for world class care was very much aligned, and the ability to recognize the need for an alternative to the treatment currently available sparked many conversations about “what’s next?” Ultimately, Shay joined Dr. Flowers and the J Flowers Health Institute as the Vice President of Growth and Client Experience. Shay works directly with the clinical team, families and referral sources to ensure quality of care and identify areas of growth. Shay also serves as the liaison for Therapeutic & Educational Consultants and their clients.


Melanie Somerville Ph.D., LPC-S

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Melanie Somerville’s career has been defined by a life-long interest in and love of learning. This guiding force has directed a diverse path brimming with memorable people, experiences, and lessons. She is also guided by the belief in the basic goodness of all human beings.

After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Melanie was the Medical Practice Administrator for the first free-standing interventional pain management clinic in South Texas. In the days when doctor’s offices set aside entire rooms for their patient’s medical records, Melanie led the busy medical practice’s transition to electronic patient records and billing. Meeting patients coming and going from the practice and learning about their lives led her to become interested in chronic pain, especially why some patients responded to traditional pain interventions while others remained trapped and unable to resume everyday life after pain from an accident, work injury, or chronic illness diagnosis.

Melanie returned to school, earned her master’s in Counseling Psychology and began treating the psychophysiological aspect of chronic pain. The psychophysiological aspect of chronic pain is the hidden and often subconscious processes that can keep individuals trapped in pain. Facilitating a person’s insight and awareness and encouraging them to act despite pain is the key to living a full life despite a chronic pain condition.

Melanie’s diversity of experience includes several years of pro bono community counseling and work with at-risk youth, adjunct teaching at Texas A & M International University, and managing her private practice. While pursuing her doctoral degree at St. Mary’s University, she continued community counseling and completed a doctoral internship in hospice care at Christus Health. Her dissertation research delved into the lives of mid-life women and their adjustment to divorce. She completed Gestalt training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and meditation training in the Shambhala tradition at Shambhala Meditation Center of San Antonio, Texas. She is also certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

In 2016, Melanie was hired as the Director of Pain Recovery at Driftwood Recovery. In this capacity, she worked with individuals struggling with substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health diagnoses, and chronic pain. She developed a program of integrative wellness to introduce new healing skills while learning how to live a valued life despite the hardships of pain, addiction, or mental health challenges. While at Driftwood, she had the opportunity to consult with and be mentored by Dr. Ron Siegel, author of several books, including The Mindfulness Solution, a guide to managing chronic pain through mindfulness. The tradition of mindfulness is integral to Melanie’s personal and professional practice.

In January 2021, Melanie accepted a position with J. Flowers Health Institute as the Director of Integrative Wellness. In this role, she provides patients her knowledge and expertise of addiction, mental health challenges, and chronic pain to create a care plan that addresses each person’s distinctive needs. In addition to her dedication to her career, Melanie is interested in science, books, textiles, food, and travel. Her favorite books include East of Eden by John Steinbeck and Way to Love by Anthony de Mello. She is a dedicated Francophile and dearly loves cooking and tasting anything remotely connected to tacos or chocolate.


Claudia D. Schwarz, MFT

National Director of Clinical Outreach

Claudia Schwarz is a Board-Certified, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has decades of experience in various mental health settings. In addition to having a successful private practice since 2003, she has been working the past several years as a Therapeutic and Educational Consultant, and is a Clinical Member of IECA. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, and her Graduate Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at California State University, Sacramento.

She is committed to helping to strengthen and support people with therapeutic needs, and to bridge the gap between therapeutic support professionals. Claudia has well-established professional relationships that include consultants, admissions and outreach teams, leadership teams, educational and family law attorneys, therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians. She has extensive program knowledge, and understands appropriate diagnostic and clinical referrals. Claudia has had additional training and certifications in Cognitive Behavioral and Family Systems specialties, as well as Custody Evaluations, Child Interviews, Child Reunification and Parenting Coordination. She is highly skilled in working with a wide range of therapeutic issues as well as adapting to diverse populations. She has taught continuing education to professionals nationwide in Understanding the Different Levels of Care in Mental Health Treatment, Parenting Coordination, Child Interviews, Pathogenic Parenting, Reunification, and Custody Evaluations.

Claudia and her husband have two boys and she is very involved in the school district, having served as the PTO President for three terms. Claudia is active in the community and has been featured regularly over the years on both news and radio as an expert on mental health issues. In addition to being a working mom, she enjoys most outdoor sports, including skiing, triathlons, and marathons.


Dr. Schrader

Medical Director

Doctor Shannon Schrader is a Board-Certified Family Physician who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. Originally from Kentucky, he attended the University of Kentucky for his undergraduate degree and the University of Louisville School of Medicine to complete his medical education. His internship and residency brought him to Houston where he completed his training at Baylor College of Medicine. He was honored to be chosen to serve as Chief Resident during the last year of his training.
Dr. Schrader chose Family Practice as his specialty because of the memories of his own Family Physician while growing up in Kentucky.  The primary care physicians, at that time, made house calls, knew the whole family, and treated every aspect of the patient.  The physician became a family friend.
Dr. Schrader, during his training, quickly learned that the spectrum of Family Medicine training encompassed treating the “whole” patient and not just the presenting physical complaint. With the continuity of care and relationships that Primary Care allows, the presenting physical complaint is often just a reason to get through the door. More often than not, there may be other underlying issues that relate to the medical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being of the patient. If any component of the “whole” person is not in sync, then the delicate balance within a person can exist as chaos. Furthermore, the physical symptom is often just a reflection of the emotional aspect of a person as it relates to present or past trauma and family of origin issues. Developing a sixth sense when treating patients and being cognizant of body language and eye contact are some important parts of the skill set that Dr. Schrader uses to assess his patients. In addition, Dr. Schrader states that the empathetic ear helps lead to trust between the patient and the physician.  Sir William Osler is noted to have professed, “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease. The great physician understands the patient and the context of that patient’s illness.” 
Other interests of Dr. Schrader include infectious disease and treating the underserved.  In addition to his private medical practice, Doctor Schrader serves as Medical Director for a Federally Qualified Health Clinic in Beaumont, Texas, and often states that his own emotional tank is replenished after visits with the clinic’s patients.
Dr. Schrader’s rule of thumb in the exam room is to break down any barrier or anxiety that one may feel while visiting a physician, and he often attempts to promote laughter as part of the healing process. He often ends the visit with a hug!
In his spare time, one will find Dr. Schrader reading an “edgy” novel, eating popcorn while enjoying a movie, or traveling to his home on the coast of Maine.  He also says that his Faith is his driving force from within that carries him through each day. Dr. Schrader considers his Faith the seat belt that holds him steady when life can present itself as a bumpy ride!
Dr. Schrader is excited to be part of the J. Flowers Health Institute team to help promote wellness and healing. 

Ruth Ann Rigby

Chief Strategy Officer

Currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at J. Flowers Health Institute in Houston, TX. She has been a leader in the behavioral health and addiction recovery field for over 25 years, with 26 years in recovery. She represents the very principles she strives for daily—honesty, integrity, humility, and grace.

Rigby is a prominent figure in the addiction recovery and mental health industry, working with some of the leading treatment providers in the nation. Most recently, she was recognized by the High Watch Recovery Center and presented with the Marty Mann Award in the Fall of 2021. She was recognized by a Resolution from former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant in 2020 for her dedication to fighting for those caught in addiction within our communities and nationally. She was awarded the Fred R. French Award for Excellence in 2020 by C4 Recovery Foundation for her outstanding service in the field of addiction–with an emphasis on mentoring and/or educating others. Because of her superlative ethical and professional standards, she was recognized nationally at the 2018 Admissions and Marketing Symposium with the Silver Shoe Award. In 2008, she was appointed by former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour to serve on the Mississippi Drug Court Advisory Board to offer her first-hand knowledge and insight into strengthening the Drug Court System.

Rigby has served on the board of numerous community organizations, church leadership committees, and behavioral health associations such as the Mississippi Association of Drug Court Professionals, Central Mississippi Chapter of the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency, Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals, American Diabetes Association, National Alliance for Mental Illness (Mississippi Chapter) and National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

In her spare time, Ruth Ann serves on the Advisory Board for the Center for Hope and Healing at Broadmoor Baptist Church, where she is on-call to work with any family that crosses her path. She is dedicated to fighting for those caught in addiction and ending the cycle of dependency. Her leadership in action has been proven repeatedly by her tireless energy and passion to change and save a person’s life. Ruth Ann, along with her husband LTC(Ret) Joseph Rigby, are co-founders of a 501(c) 3non-profit organization called First Responders of Mississippi. They created this organization to help first responders(Individuals, Families,and Agencies) in their greatest time of need with assistance, wellness, and hope.

Rigby and her husbandJosephalong with theirthreeCocker Spaniels—Graciee, Cailee and Darbee reside in Madison County MS on their farm “Stil-Wurkin Farm”.

Ruth Ann states: I am so excited to be working with James, Robbin, and Michael on their leadership team. They truly have created an environment for complete and total wellness. For Executives & Professionals, Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.


Chase M. Wade, M.Ed, LPC

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Chase Wade has worked in the counseling profession both as a counselor and healthcare administrator for nine years and is skilled in several areas of counseling thanks to his passion for helping others.

Throughout his career, Chase has worked as an outpatient counselor, group counselor, intake director and hospital administrator. He has experience opening outpatient clinics and a behavioral health hospital startup.

No matter what level of care is needed, Chase brings a positive energy to the clinical planning process and supports patients in their search for successful recovery.

Chase’s clinical and administrative background provide him the experience necessary to navigate through the barriers patients and their families may face. Whether it’s chronic pain, addiction, depression or anxiety, Chase believes that individuals can develop the skills and tools to help overcome life’s obstacles.

Chase earned his bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University in Human Development and Family Studies. He then went on to earn his master’s degree at Texas Tech in Counselor Education. During his time at Texas Tech, Chase was a varsity letterman in cross country as well as track and field.

He enjoys spending his time mountain biking, road cycling, and playing with his three big dogs Kippy, Kingston, and Dexter.


Shalonda Hogg

Client Liaison

Shalonda has had over 30 years experience in various industries working in dministration,Customer Service and Finance. She attended Lamar and Texas Southern Universities where she pursued her studies in Sociology and minored in Psychology.

Shalonda is also the proud mother of one daughter and grandmother to one granddaughter. In her free time she enjoys fishing, singing and spending time with family and friends.

Shalonda has a passion for helping others and feels that her positive attitude and energy is an asset to the team.

Robin French

Practice Administrator / VP of Provider & Alumni Relations

Robin’s entire career has been focused on enriching the lives of exceptional people.  Prior to joining J. Flowers Health Institute, Robin worked in the nonprofit sector, healthcare new business development, healthcare management, and then 16 years as a Senior VP in the luxury matchmaking industry.

Robin’s incredible talent for connecting people, combined with her empathetic nature, make her the perfect candidate for her role as Vice President of Bespoke Relations. She is thrilled to join the J. Flowers Health Institute team with our mission solely dedicated to changing the lives – and many times saving the lives- of truly remarkable people.


Madalyne Smith, PMHNP-BC

Director of Nursing & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

For almost 15 years, Madalyne Smith has been a major force in the Nursing and Mental Health field. She attended Texas Southern University where she received her Bachelor and Master of Arts in Psychology. Madalyne later went on to the University of Texas Medical Branch where she attained her Bachelor of nursing. After working as a psychiatric nurse, she went on to receive her Master of Science in nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center and became a licensed and board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Madalyne has specialized in working with adolescents and young adults. She has a passion for educating patients and families on medications, diagnoses and various treatment modalities. Madalyne has a strong belief in combining pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological treatment approaches to mental wellness.

Madalyne is the proud mother of three children. She is also a dedicated member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and has a passion for serving the community. In her free time, she enjoys reading, binge watching some of her favorite shows, and listening to music.


Dr. Vaughn M. Bryant, III, Ph.D, LMFT-S, LPC-S, LCDC-CCS

Clinical Director

Vaughn M. Bryant, III, PhD, LMFT-S, LPC-S, LCDC-CCS has been a mental healthcare provider, trainer and educator for over 30 years. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of the full spectrum of psychological, behavioral and relational problems to the J. Flowers Health Institute.

Dr. Bryant is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT-S), Professional Counselor (LPC-S) and Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC-CCS). He also holds Approved Supervisor status on all three of those professional license boards. Dr. Bryant earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology (1988), Master of Arts (MA) in Marriage and Family Therapy (1991) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology and Christian Counseling (2000).

His career has included three decades of clinical service, clinical education and executive management experience in large corporate healthcare settings, substance use disorder treatment centers, a large military hospital, clinical pastoral care and as a professor in higher education. Dr. Bryant has a very particular set of skills that he has developed over a long career that has equipped him to identify the root cause of dysfunction and create a plan of care that moves individuals and families in the direction of recovery and wellness.

Dr. Bryant is a master in the diagnosis and treatment of Trauma Related Disorders, Emotion Regulation Disorders, Addictive Disorders, Personality Disorders and Relational Problems. His clinical approach is to first achieve accurate diagnosis then apply focused interventions while closely monitoring outcomes. He is a master practitioner and trainer in Diagnostic Evaluation, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) and Addiction Counseling.

Dr. Bryant is a native Texan, born in Austin and raised in Bryan. He was actively involved in competitive swimming in his youth, winning multiple events at the Texas Age Group State Championships. He went on to be a four year Letterman in college on the NCAA Division I varsity swim team at Northeast Louisiana University. Dr. Bryant is married 31 years to his wife Katherine and they have 4 children who are currently in adolescence and young adulthood. They have lived in the greater Houston area for 25 years and are 4th generation Houstonians.

Dr. Bryant is an empathetic encourager. He has a big heart and he cares deeply about helping people overcome their problems. He believes that love is what heals people. His philosophy about love is that; “Love must first be received from the Source then accepted by self and given to others.”


Arti Patel, LCSW-S

Primary Therapist

Arti Patel has been working in the field of social work/mental health since 2003. Arti attended Rutgers University in New Jersey where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Work in 2005. She has been a masters level clinician since 2008 and received her Master of Social Work Degree from Yeshiva University in New York City. She has worked in a number of different settings from schools, outpatient substance use treatment, private practice mental health, residential treatment centers, and inpatient psychiatric units. She has a passion for the adolescent population and their families. Arti especially enjoys facilitating psychotherapy groups and is creative in this area.

Arti is trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills, family systems, child attachment, trauma-informed care, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Her special areas of interest are in psychodynamic therapy, adoption, attachment, mentalizing, and grief/loss. Arti’s philosophy on therapy comes from a humanistic approach with the idea that anyone can work through and feel a range of emotions without having to suppress them. Arti comes from a place of cultural humility and holds the belief that addressing cultural diversity and race in psychotherapy is important work in order to develop a higher standard of care in this area.

Ryan Viviano

Primary Therapist

Ryan Viviano has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Texas. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Supervisor and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Ryan has been in practice for over a decade and has worked in a variety of clinical settings. Before joining J. Flowers, he spent seven years as a Behavioral Health Consultant at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). He has also worked in crisis response teams, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient substance use treatment and as a health educator. In addition, he has years of experience in private practice therapy.

Ryan is trained in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). Ryan has spent much of his career working with LGBTQ+ populations and those with chronic health conditions. His special areas of interest are crisis intervention, substance use, anxiety disorders and mood disorders.  

In his free time, Ryan enjoys gardening, spending time with family and animals, travel, and all things Italian.  

Farideh Banafshei 

Lead Psychologist, J. Flowers Health Institute, London

Farideh Banafshei is the lead in-house Psychologist of J. Flowers Health Institute in London. She has a track record of delivering high-quality services in both English and Persian, and has acquired a wealth of clinical experience with international client groups both within the NHS and private sector. 

Farideh has experience providing care for adolescents, adults and families with mental health challenges and emotional needs, committed to working with clients to facilitate and achieve long-term change. She believes in tailoring evidence-based psychological interventions, and draws knowledge from diverse schools of thought, to optimally create the most supportive approach to best suit her client’s needs. Some of her main specialist areas include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, cultural and identity-related concerns, and personal development. She integrates a mixture of psychodynamic therapy, person-centred, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), talking therapy and other approaches to create a confidential, safe, and accepting space that can support an individual’s needs as they explore their emotions.

Farideh has studied at world-renowned universities such as, King’s College London. After achieving an undergraduate degree in Psychology with first-class honours, she completed a postgraduate degree in Affective Disorders, receiving a distinction for her clinical work and research. She later went on to be awarded The Centre of Affective Disorders Most Outstanding Research award, the Studentship bursary award from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, and commenced working in specialist settings whilst producing impactful nuanced research within her field.